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Full Devil Jacket’s Valley of Bones


By SethM

Have you heard this album yet? Well, if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat when you do. Sometimes I talk about all the tracks, the influences and everything else I hear in an album; in the case of FDJ, I’ll go as far as to say you’ll hear hints of Alice in Chains, Rob Zombie, Shinedown and a host of other bands, but I won’t delve further into those details.

What I will tell you about Valley of Bones is that it’s the first music I’ve heard from Full Devil Jacket and I really liked it. It’s a rockin’ album, it’s heavy where it needs to be, it’s got some great guitar rhythm and leads, and songs like “Time in Flames” really drive the beats into your head.

FDJ-Color-2013I did a little research out of curiosity and apparently I have been missing out because FDJ has been around for a while. They formed in a tattoo shop in Jackson, TN, then put out their first EP in 1999 and a self-titled LP in 2000, both on Def Jam Records. They played Woodstock 1999 and have toured/played with Nickleback, Creed, Slipknot, Metallica and many others. Singer Josh Brown departed the band after a drug overdose in 2000, leaving behind some unfinished music.

Full Devil Jacket have had some ups and downs since their inception never gave up. They reformed with a revamped lineup in 2013, and Valley of Bones is the result of the new formation which includes Josh Brown, Keith Foster, Brian Kirk, Paul Varnic and Keith “Moose” Douglas. Additionally, Valley of Bones features some special guests like Zack Meyers of Shinedown, Paul McCoy and Justin Rimer of 12 Stones, Jason Null of Saving Able, and more.

From the moment you put on Valley you will be interested in hearing what’s coming next ~ there are some great songs, mostly heavy and upbeat, but like the band itself, this album has its ups and downs. From the Zombie-like “Time in Flames” to the mellow, ballad “August,” FDJ shows originality as well as versatility. The full track list is as follows:


7 Times Down

Valley of Bones

The Moment

Desert Floor

Picture Box Voodoo

Time in the Flams

Blood of the Innocent

Paper Crown


Let’s hope Valley of Bones will kick start the band to a city near you (and me!) because I am betting they kick ass live.


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