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The Heart of Rock-n-Roll ~ Not Just “Still Beating,” But Beating Harder Than Ever

For many years, the music industry had a reputation for being all about money, debauchery, and “taking.”  But you all know as well as we do that things have changed ~ these days, it’s harder to find a band who hasn’t started its own charity, who doesn’t financially support and lend its name to an established one, and who doesn’t encourage its fans to do likewise.  We love that rock stars have become the faces of anti-bullying and stop animal cruelty campaigns, that they support medical research to find cures for diabetes, cancer, and more, that they throw benefit concerts overseas for the troops and right here at home for the families of those who are serving, that they speak out for organizations who work tirelessly for the homeless and the addicted, that many are donating their time and money to Green efforts around the world, and that almost all of them contribute  in some capacity to getting music programs and instruments into the schools.

We here at Flashwounds support a variety of causes and encourage you to share the causes and organizations that are closest to your hearts.  You tell us about them ~ send us information, let us know about an upcoming benefit or ways our readers can help ~ and we’ll post that information immediately.

Thank you!

~ The Flashwounds Team

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