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Check Out These New CDs!

Welcome to Rockville_Slayer (3)


Some of our (and your!) favorite bands have recently released new albums ~ and if you haven’t already checked them out…WTF are you waiting for???!!!


Money Shot (Puscifer Entertainment)

  1. Galileo
    02. Agostina
    03. Grand Canyon
    04. Simultaneous
    05. Money Shot
    06. The Arsonist
    07. The Remedy
    08. Smoke and Mirrors
    09. Flippant (iTunes exclusive track)
    10. Life of Brian (Apparently You Haven’t Seen)
    11. Autumn


Battering Ram (UDR Music)

  1. Battering Ram
    02. The Devil’s Footprint
    03. Queen of Hearts
    04. Destroyer
    05. Hard and Fast
    06. Eye of the Storm
    07. Stand Your Ground
    08. Top of the World
    09. To the End
    10. Kingdom of the Cross
    11. Three Sheets to the Wind (deluxe edition)


Return to Forever (Legacy Recordings/Sony Music)

  1. Going Out With a Bang
    02. We Built This House
    03. Rock My Car
    04. House of Cards
    05. All for One
    06. Rock ‘n’ Roll Band
    07. Catch Your Luck and Play
    08. Rollin’ Home
    09. Hard Rockin’ the Place
    10. Eye of the Storm
    11. The Scratch
    12. Gypsy Life
    13. The World We Used to Know (bonus track)
    14. Dancing With the Moonlight (bonus track)
    15. When the Truth is a Lie (bonus track)
    16. Who We Are (bonus track)
    17. Crazy Ride (bonus track)
    18. One and One Is Three (bonus track)
    19. Delirious (bonus track)


Ugly-Kid-Joe-Uglier-Than-They-Used-Ta-Be_420Ugly Kid Joe 
Uglier Than They Used Ta Be (Metalville/UKJ)

  1. Hell Ain’t Hard to Find
    02. Let the Record Play
    03. Bad Seed
    04. Mirror the Man
    05. She’s Already Gone
    06. Nothing Ever Changes
    07. My Old Man
    08. Under the Bottom
    09. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)
    10. The Enemy
    11. Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Temptations cover)


Kill the Flaw (7Bros.)

  1. Thank You
    02. Death Dance
    03. Forget
    04. Letters
    05. Cease and Desist
    06. Not Today
    07. Chop
    08. Kill the Flaw
    09. Silly Beast
    10. Peace and Destruction
    11. Torched
    12. Slave The Prey (bonus track)


Repentless (Nuclear Blast)

  1. Delusions of Savior
    02. Repentless
    03. Take Control
    04. Vices
    05. Cast the First Stone
    06. When the Stillness Comes
    07. Chasing Death
    08. Implode
    09. Piano Wire
    10. Atrocity Vendor
    11. You Against You
    12. Pride in Prejudice