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Meet Brazil’s Burning Brains the Band

By Elle Mitros

BB2One of the benefits of working for a music website is getting to meet ~ either in person or via email ~ musicians from all over the world.  We love our US bands, but it’s really cool to hear what’s going on overseas, too, so when Burning Brains the Band, originally formed in 2005, introduced themselves via email, we got a taste (well, a listen) of some of the hard rock/metal scene in Brazil.

Some people say that love is the international language, or food, or a smile (yeah, way too sappy) ~ I’m more inclined to agree with those who think that music played with true passion pretty much translates in every corner of the planet, and Burning Brains are, without question, passionate about their music.  As lead singer/founding member/songwriter Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior (aka Jr. Thunder) shared, I love my band and my songs, they are all my life,” and after listening to some of their tracks, it’s easy to hear why. It’s also a no-brainer (no pun intended…honest!) to see why, as Jr. Thunder explained with a charming mixture of pride and humble appreciation, “We’ve developed a following of loyal fans in our country and we are anxious to share our music with the world…We’ve had the honor of being selected as the opening act for concerts in Brazil with headline acts like Angra and Dr. Sin. [We’ve been] featured on Cultura TV, Cultura Radio, and the Heavy Weight Radio Program. We headlined shows at Ná Figueredo Cultural Space and the Acorde Festival, and we’re number 1  on the ReverbNation Rock charts for Belem, PA, Brazil.

Back to the music itself. Burning Brain’s press kit lists Dokken, Keel, Wasp, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest as influences, but for me it’s also easy to picture the band ~ Antonio, Alcyete Caracciolo (lyricist and co-writer ~ and Antonio’s wife), and Nelson Torres (all instruments) ~ growing up on Motorhead, Dio, Maiden, and other heavy-hitters that are staples in any true hard rock/metal lover’s permanent collection.  This band has all the elements that make for a great balls-to-the-wall, take no prisoners, rock-out-with-your-cock out, badass sound, and whether they’re recording or playing live, they bring it…hard…even with their ballads.  When Antonio explained that “Burning Brains has always striven to blend classic rock and roll music with heavy metal and occasionally romantic ballads,” all I could say was, “Well, mission accomplished, job well done!”

Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior (aka Jr. Thunder)

Antonio Augusto Cesar Junior (aka Jr. Thunder)

There’s definitely a unique artistic sensibility coursing through the veins of this group, too, so although they perform the hell out of their songs, complete with good ol’ fashioned mighty rock vocals, killer guitar work, and unbridled energy streaming out of every pore, they’re constantly experimenting with ways to broaden their sound and express different sides of their music. Take, for example, the videos (see full listing below) commissioned by the band; they are not your run-of-the-mill rock offerings.  Antonio and his bandmates hired Ken and Geri Long at Longshot Productions in Canada to “…create a series of unique and sometimes shocking conceptual videos to help promote our new recordings; with great success.” They’re no strangers to changes in line-up and collaborators over the years, either, in pursuit of that perfect combination of talents that would define Burning Brains the Band.  Says Antonio, “Like most new bands, we’ve had different talented musicians that represented our band as it evolved.

That progression will continue, too, as the band gears up to launch its debut CD, Amazon’s on Fire, a labor of love for which they are still looking for a producer. “The new material and rewritten earlier work is currently being recorded, engineered and produced in Nelson’s studio. There will undoubtedly be new musicians that form the live performance Burning Brains line-up but for now, the concentration is on getting enough material prepared to launch our first CD, something we’ve worked toward for years. So stay tuned and experience the ongoing evolution of our band and our music.

If I were you, I’d do just that…check out the links below (or better yet, start by watching the band live and leaving a Comment) and then stay tuned for Amazon’s on Fire and more news about these Brazilian rockers…

Burning BrainsBurning Brains on YouTube

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Burning Brains on Vimeo 











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