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Instrumental Prog Band MeridieM Releasing Odysseia EP on Aug. 11 via All Digital Providers


The phrase “instrumental prog band” caught your attention, but the name that follows may not ring a bell.  So who are MeridieM? They are a four-piece band featuring former members of Eye Ra Haze. The music is a smartly crafted labyrinth of sound. It has been described as “distinctly progressive while simultaneously melodic and undeniably heavy.”



Meridiem2Odysseia EP track listing:

1. “Katabases”
2. “Cosmogony”
3. “Arkana”
4. “Supernova” (damn brilliant ~ check it out on Soundcloud via the band’s official site listed below…)


Here’s more on what MeridieM are all about:

In this fast-paced, modern world fixated on the open and close to each idea, sometimes the power of transition can get lost in the cut and dry, in the need for an immediate solution, in the black or white only thought process. To liberate and be liberated, we must allow ourselves a true openness to any and all possibilities and embrace the potential for a shift ~ or many ~ in energy, in perspective.

Meridiem Nicole

Nicole Papastavrou

That kind of receptive, enlightened balance and hope is the essence of MeridieM ~ Nicole Papastavrou (Guitar), Karine Catenacci (Keyboard/Piano), Chris Marrone (Bass), and Kevin Corcoran (Drums) ~ the musical collective that captures the beauty and brutality of chance, favoring neither but instead allowing each to manifest authentically before being, with its own power and integrity intact, given a sonic identity.

Coming in like rolling thunder against a lullaby, MeridieM boldly enter the often feared world of musical extremities while carefully showcasing each element they bring into their sound. With their debut EP Odysseia, the band taps into the spirit of the unknown and passionately explore the grace of structural freedom.

The current members of MeridieM were the instrumental backbone of the now defunct alt-prog rock group Eye Ra Haze. The quartet was able to move forward organically and with a shared enthusiasm for the creative process and a hunger for further exploration of the depth and voice of each instrument; the band’s journey ~ far from over ~ has already expanded their musical horizons and is waiting to do the same to yours.

Free of super-imposed boundaries and with a from-their-very-core refusal to allow their music to remain idle, MeridieM was and is able to test and embrace the scope of their personal capabilities without inhibition and produce a musical outcome that, simultaneously, is unquestionably progressive but also surprisingly melodic and undeniably heavy.

Kevin Corcoran

Kevin Corcoran

Odysseia often gives a nod to the non-conformity of jazz composition, foregoing traditional structures (mind you, taking this route does not mean the band turns it back on the concept of composition, simply the constraints of conventional, expected musical templates to which they refuse to succumb) but tying each segment back beautifully to plush piano arrangements coupled with crushing riffs.

The EP boasts a mix that highlights each nuance of this fearless, genre-dodging instrumental intertwining that captivates listeners who then gladly embark on the musical expedition. Live piano ferociously couples with standout bass, succinct distorted guitars, and a perfectly aligned rhythm section. Percussive experimentation is paramount in this release, and the band focuses intensely on craftily weaving varied rhythms into deep grooves. MeridieM launch you into an audio adventure of gorgeously juxtaposed sounds delivered in a variety of forms and styles.

The first single off of the EP, “Supernova,” takes listeners on a musical trail of growth and discovery. Sonically, it is a natural expression from the quartet, both brutally commanding and invitingly lush, with an exploratory dip of the toe into that idyllic “space in between.”

For the writing of Odysseia, the band shared and cultivated their respective contributions though the convenience of technology. Separated by significant geographic distance, they took advantage of being able to interpret each layer independently via Dropbox and ProTools. This method of collaboration added yet another element in the creation of a sound that is unique to the group and shines a flattering light on their evolution as individuals. Every song on the EP represents a deep mix of emotions, offering listeners more than a glimpse of MeridieM’s soul and the path they are on.  The EP as a whole presents an experience that can be had on many levels; the choice of how deeply we immerse ourselves in it is our freedom.


Special thanks to Atom Splitter PR and to Zeena Koda