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A 411 Underground Summer Series Interview in Partnership with The Dollyrots

The [irresistible] Dollyrots

The [irresistible] Dollyrots




The Dollytot himself (I sense a limelight thief-in-the-making), photo by John Diaz/Monster Products

The Dollytot himself, photo by John Diaz/Monster Products

On June 15, just a day after their rockin’ live appearance on StageIt, Madame Rockstress had the pleasure of sitting down with Kelly Ogden (vox, bass) of The Dollyrots as she, Luis Cabezas (guitar, vox) and the Dollytot (instrument of choice not yet declared, but there have been sightings of him strapping on a guitar and taking a seat at the piano…and just look at that stance, I sense a limelight thief-in-the-making!) prepared to embark on their current U.S. tour with Bowling for Soup (and if you prefer your tour dates in list form, just click here).


Discussion topics with the never-dull band included the tour, their campaign for the upcoming live album and DVD, and what it’s like to be a touring mother with a toddler in tow!!





Fans will also be happy to know that The Dollyrots will be playing Florida’s annual Fest later in the year…and what better way to keep summer going than to head down to the slammin’ party that takes over Gainesville for three full days. Check out which other bands will be sharing the stage with Kelly and Luis by clicking here.  


Dollys Fest


And now, without further ado, it’s time to listen to the interview HERE!



Dollyrots Pledge MusicWondering about that campaign we mentioned above?  Well, for the first time ever, Los Angeles’ The Dollyrots, who became an official band back in 2000 while they were still teenagers, are recording a live album and tour DVD with the help of their awesome fans through PledgeMusic. Check out the rad exclusives they’re offering with pre-orders, watch their promotional video HERE, and then get involved! 


The Dollyrots

A calm moment with The Dollyrots


The Dollyrots, whose album history began in earnest in 2004 when they released their debut Eat My Heart Out on Lookout Records, followed it with 2007′s Because I’m Awesome and 2010′s A Little Messed Up, both for Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records, and then dropped their self-titled fourth album on their very own Arrested Youth Records, are the kind of tough-but-sweet, bad ass but wacky band that make you want to stay in touch with them (or, if you’re like us, jump right up on stage during their set just to soak up their energy and…Dollyrottness), keep up-to-date on what they’ve got going on, and leave upbeat comments for (especially after seeing one of their live shows!), so in addition to making sure you support their PedgeMusic campaign, get out and see them live and stay connected with these alternative/rock/punk powerhouses via:


Luis and Kelly, photo by Jesse Hagan

Luis and Kelly, photo by Jesse Hagan







And for official, uber-cool band merch (Note: it’s a safe bet that you can attach the words “uber-cool” to anything connected with the band with no fear of contradiction) you’re going to want to head here.  






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Dollyrots YayUPDATE, JUNE 26: THIS JUST IN! 


Congratulations to The Dollyrots and thank you to all their fans ~ The Dollyrots: Live in the USA! concert DVD & CD has just reached its goal! 


So let’s follow Kelly’s lead and all shout out a celebratory “YAY!” Never mind where you are or whom you’re with,  this news deserves some major lung love!


Very special thanks to Dana Gordon!