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36 Crazyfists Team Up with Puck Hcky for Hockey-Branded Merch

They shoot, they score!

36 Crazyfists are tried ‘n’ true hockey fans, starting with singer Brock Lindow, who is a diehard Philadelphia Flyers fan and pens a weekly hockey column dubbed “Snipe City” for Metal Insider.

Now the Alaskan warriors have linked up with Puck Hcky for a line of branded hockey merch ~ tons of shirts, hats, and more ~ that you can check out here



Von Hertzen Brothers Release Video For New Single “Hold Me Up”

BrothersThe Von Hertzen Brothers ~ yes, they are indeed siblings ~ are back with a new video for their latest single “Hold Me Up,” a song that the band said “…portrays the seldom-seen mainstream side of VHB. We were aiming for an honest, all-embracing declaration of love for someone who [stood] beside us through storms and rains. Soundscape-wise, we wanted it to be very ’90s and to achieve this we wrote a string orchestration that The Manics would be proud of.”
So that’s what “Hold Me Up” sounds like, and if you click here, you can watch the accompanying visuals, which include, naturally, plush stuffed animals and killer choreography.  
VHB continued, “Back in 2012 an artist called Tapio Rosenius drilled 2012 holes in an oil tank to make a wonderful piece of art. In 2015, an opportunity arose for us to shoot a music video for ‘Hold Me Up’ at this amazing location. The light plays a big role here, as the song is all about the having an element of light in our lives. Someone who is always there for us…Like the sun… even though we might not always see it.”
With that in mind, it’s time to see the light with VHB’s “Hold Me Up,” which resides on their latest album, New Day Rising, out now via Spinefarm. 



Watch At The Hollow’s “Numbed” Video

Brothers numbedAt The Hollow, Helsinki’s masters of melancholic rock, have released their video for “Numbed” from their exceptional debut album What I Hold Most Dear, out now.

The clip, filmed in stark black and white, features a graceful ice skater. 

At The Hollow are a trio raised on a range of influences ranging from metal to classical music and grunge to contemporary electronica. The band consists of a guitar-playing vocalist, a percussionist wielding exotic instruments like timpani and glockenspiel, and a contrabass player armed with a bow. Following the vision and wistful, pensive sound of singer/guitar player Kalle Koo, At The Hollow form a sound completely their own and are a mesmerizing listen…but will leave you anything but “Numbed.”



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