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FEQ Presents Its New Pop Up Series!

Pop up


This year we get to introduce you to the brand new Pop Up FEQ series presented by SiriusXM Canada! Get ready for surprise concerts in surprising places, all leading up to (and going strong during!) the Festival d’été de Québec, July 9 – 19. 

The honor of being the city chosen to host the inaugural Pop-Up FEQ on May 15 in collaboration with the Quebec Region goes to Toronto, that much we can tell you. 

Want more info?  Get it here!


One word says it all:  FUN!

One word says it all every year: FUN!

If anyone knows how to keep a festival fresh and growing every year and build anticipation, energy, and buzz beforehand, it’s the folks of FEQ … They’ve got a seemingly bottomless well of ideas, know exactly what’s going to catch the public’s eye, kill it with their social media and app, and we can’t wait to hear what they come up with next!


Make sure to check out their Facebook page for links, videos, artists of the day, special sales, ticket availability, contests, photos, and…oh yeah, this year’s line-up ~ which, although we can’t reveal ANY details, is going to blow your mind…promise! 


UPDATE!!!  The first Pop Up FEQ was a smash hit, and through the wonders of technology and time travel, you can check out a quick compilation video that captures the performers and the essence of the entire jam.  Enjoy!