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The 411 on 311!

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311 is enjoying one of those times in a band’s career that is almost too good…no, let’s make that too spectacular…to be true ~ but it IS spectacular, it IS true, and there are three major facts that make how awesome 2015 has been and will continue to be for Nick Hexum (vocals, guitar), SA Martinez (vocals, DJ), Tim Mahoney (lead guitar), P-Nut (bass), and Chad Sexton (drums) even sweeter: A) all the great stuff we’ll tell you about in just a minute couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch of guys who didn’t just get lucky all of a sudden or by chance, but who’ve earned every single professional success and every bit of fun, kudos, and fulfillment it’s brought them through years of hard work and dedication to their music and their fans, never settling for just going through the motions onstage or putting out albums that were “good enough,” B) 2015 is the band’s 25th anniversary, so if that’s not a perfect time for them to revel in a boatload of Only Good Things, I don’t know what is, and C) all the positive stuff happening in 311’s world turns out to be pretty fantastic for us fans, too, so everybody wins!!


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OK, it’s time, here’s the 411 on 311 in 2015!


Still from the Caribbean Cruise recap video

Still from the Caribbean Cruise recap video

The guys are just back from their Caribbean Cruise to Jamaica (Feb 25-Mar 1) ~ they rocked 3 shows that in total included 72 different songs and gave 3000 fans (from all 50 US states and 12 other countries) the time of their lives.  Nothing can compare to being on the cruise in person, but this recap video captures the carefree vibe of the experience and the mutual affection between the band and the fans; it’s a glimpse of the kind of upbeat, summertime show 311 delivers and you can’t help but smile and feel good while watching it! 


Now THIS is how you have fun on a cruise!

Now THIS is how you have fun on a cruise! Photo by Will Byington


And after you’ve seen the video, head here for the recap photo gallery…more proof that wherever 311 goes, so does the party!


311 311 DAY 2014 in celebration of the new album release of STEREOLITHIC.Ready to get back on stage again, the band will be heading out in July and August for a run of just over 25 shows.  Wondering why such a relatively short tour?  Because the band wants to get back into the studio to work on a new album asap!!!  Don’t waste any time, head here for more show details, tickets, and VIP package info! 




And now for the milestone, 311’s 25th anniversary celebration! 



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25 years is major, so the guys are going full out:  they’ll release a box set of 80 tracks that will include unreleased songs, B-sides, bonus tracks, pre-production recordings & demos along with a book of photos and more, there’ll be vinyl re-issues, a poster auction, the launch of the 311 Amber Ale craft beer, and 311’s partnership with BK Racing in support of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars #23, #26 & #83 will be on full display since each car will be sporting the 311 logo.


311 Amber Ale meeting & batch taste-testing in Atlanta at White Oak Kitchen

311 Amber Ale meeting & batch taste-testing in Atlanta at White Oak Kitchen

2015 will definitely be a year 311 will never forget ~ and with any luck, FlashWounds will get to be a tiny part of it, bringing you live coverage of one of their July shows…so stay tuned and make sure to stay up-to-date on all things 311 via the following links!


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311 Caribbean Cruise 2015, photo by Will Byington

311 Caribbean Cruise 2015, photo by Will Byington


Tour dates 


311 AlbumDon’t have 311 With the Unity Orchestra Live from 311 Day 2014 in New Orleans yet, or are you missing another album from 311’s catalogue?  No time like the present to remedy the situation and get your copy in a variety of formats by clicking here