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PodcastJames Frazier and Eric Nordhoff, the masterminds behind the Walker Stalker Conventions (read more about these two ultimate “Walking Dead” fans here), weren’t satisfied with “just” giving fellow fans the thrill of a lifetime with their annual WS events that take place in 11 cities across the US and in London (and I’m just guessing here, but something tells me the number of locations isn’t going to stay at 12 for very long), so they decided to start a podcast and accompanying website, too!  The podcast runs twice weekly during AMC’s “Walking Dead” season (which goes by way too quickly!) and the website ~ designed to be pure, interactive entertainment for everyone who loves the show ~ is chock full of episode and comic book reviews, news on Walker Stalker Con’s new partnerships, flashbacks to past seasons, fan comments, and a ton more (there’s a great Category selector so that you can hone right in on your favorite character/actor/season, too). And James and Eric really mean it when they say they want everyone to get involved ~ so much so that they even share their contact information!

Email: thewalkerstalkers (at)

Voice mail: 615-777-3957



Walker Stalker Con Boston '14

Walker Stalker Con Boston ’14

So how do you get involved?  It’s so easy even a zombie could do it!



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Don’t have your tickets yet?  Then before you do anything else, head here, select your city, and then click on “Tickets” to purchase!  We had an apocalyptically great time covering the Boston  convention last year and the 2015 line-up of guests is just as killer (maybe even more so, if that’s even possible! ~ and keep checking the links below because new guests are being added every day!), so we can’t wait!  Hope to see you there or read about your experience in another city on!



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More from WSC ’14!