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Nightwish & Sabaton with Delain @ The Palladium in Worcester, MA



Delain, Sabaton, and headliners Nightwish…it was the perfect tour line-up that resulted in that rarest of feelings, that you’d just experienced a perfect night of music, a perfect show.  If you’ve had a chance to catch this trio of exceptional bands on the same bill already, then you know exactly what I mean.  If you haven’t yet, then these photos should give you an idea of the passion, power, and visual impact that inspired audience quotes like “I am officially blown away by Sabaton…what an AMAZING live band, they’re in control of the stage and audience and their music is hard but they’re still accessible,” “Nightwish is stunning to watch and hear and Floor is…WOW! Talk about a band that’s got it all,” and “I’d never heard Delain before but now I love them, never heard metal like that, it’s, like, almost pretty but still kicks ass!”




Delain (and check out a quick look at Sabaton’s very special guest that night here)


Very special thanks to Leah Urbano/MassConcerts


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