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Coal Chamber Headlines @ The Palladium + Links to Review of Rivals and Interview with Dez!


Saturday night, Coal Chamber and a particularly long list of special guests headed up by Filter and including Combichrist (a band we knew little about and hadn’t yet seen live but inspired the text “Combichrist is fucking killing it!” from FW photog and writer Craig Lindberg), American Head Charge, Saint Ridley, Devlyn Sydus, Mongrel (a longtime part of the FW family that we expect to see touring the US and beyond SOON), Shane Slaughter, The Grey Curtain, and On Edge did justice to The Palladium‘s reputation for keeping great hard music alive and accessible in New England.

Craig (whom I must thank for rearranging his schedule in order to shoot Coal Chamber [which, he admitted, after mumbling several times that I owed him big time, he of course preferred to do anyway, along with Filter], once again delivered photos that capture the bands’ respective performances perfectly, and here they are…ENJOY!





To see more of Craig’s photos, head to his official site  ~ where, THIS JUST IN!, you’ll find his review of Rivals as well as an interview with Dez that picks up where ours left off.






Special thanks to Jon Freeman