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Front Row Pics: CES MMA XXVIII @ Twin River Casino, March 13



By Drew Pion


Once again, CES MMA put together an exciting event chock full of great match-ups at Twin River Casino (with the main event broadcast on AXS- TV), and, media credentials around my neck, I was there to capture all the action for our FlashWounds readers…and even take some notes while shooting!  So here you go, a little of my insight into the fights, lots of pics, and the final results…enjoy!


  • CES LogoKyle had a big KO to end it in the first. Talk about thrilling to watch! 
  • Another first round KO by Joey. He has won all his 6 bouts by KO. He was in control the whole round. This fighter is going places. Very clean and calculated strikes. 
  • Heavyweights were up next. One big slam by Mike in the first round and then they both got gassed. Slow 2nd round… The third round determined the winner. Knee to the body by Tyler brought it to the ground. Not a lot of action… These guys were tired. Tyler almost had a choke on the ground. The unanimous decision went to Tyler. 
  • Huge pop for the hulk. 1st round was active ~ all boxing, one takedown at the end. Exciting first round with both fighters picking their shots. Roger controlled the hulk on the ground the whole round and earned a tap out win via mounted guillotine choke.  Entertaining, never-a-dull moment fight. 
  • Hometown pop in the house again for Andre out of Providence, RI. Another action filled round with Brian almost getting two chokes on the ground but that Andre was able to work his way out of, but still losing the first round.  Brian took him down quick and maintained control through the round on the ground. It was Brian’s fight to lose going into round three. A quick exchange and it was back to ground control for Brian. Lots of strikes to soften Andre up but he’s a true fighter and doesn’t give in to any submission requests. Brian takes it by unanimous decision. 
  • Felix, one of the most popular fighters in CES entered the ring next to the loudest roar of the night. The crowd loves this guy, he’s a force to be reckoned with and has UFC potential. 2nd round TKO! Big kick wobbled him (and not to pat myself on the back, but I got the shot!) and he followed up with strikes to end it.  Felix is one of those fighters you can’t take your eyes off of and he never lets the crowd down. 
  • Time for the main event, Rick Hawn vs Derek Loffer. 1st round they felt each other out. All stand up but nothing stood out. Carbon copy of the first round for 3 quarters of the second. Then Rick had a takedown and a little ground and pound. That won him the round. Third round the same…  Rick triumphs unanimously by decision.





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