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Front Row Pics: Foreigner @ Twin River Casino

Foreigner 2


Friday the 13th an unlucky day?  Oh, we hardly think so…not when the evening’s entertainment is the one and only Foreigner.  Once again (you’ll remember that we were lucky enough to cover the Foreigner/Styx/Don Felder “Soundtrack to Summer” tour when it hit Chicago back in June and were blown away by one of the few arena rock bands who’ve not only remained as strong as ever throughout the decades, but who also count amongst their millions of fans everyone from grade schoolers to retirees, soft rock devotees to metalheads), the band with a catalogue of hits that are still an integral part of the musical landscape (who can’t name at least ten Foreigner songs that have special meaning to them, that remind them of a special time, or that will always make them rock out the second that first note kicks in!) and will remain part of music history for, well, ever.  The audience at Twin River Casino was treated to the perfect antidote to the winter doldrums ~ a killer performance that defined what a rock n roll show should be, with the band members’ camaraderie, stellar musicianship, off-the-charts energy, and unmistakable love for what they do and the people who come to see them do it leaping off the stage and making the air at the venue crackle…so how could we not share photos that captured such a great night with you?  Here they are…enjoy!



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Special thanks to Kim Ward of Twin River Casino