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Front Row Pics: Upon A Burning Body & Veil Of Maya @ Mojoes in Joliet, IL

Upon a Burning Body

Upon a Burning Body


January 18 in Chicago…not exactly what we on the East Coast think of as ideal concert-going weather ~ snow, wind, below freezing temperatures ~ but for our intrepid photographer Julie Williams (who also happens to be a huge Upon a Burning Body and Veil Of Maya fan, not to mention the consummate professional), there was no weather, no car troubles (which, Ms. W. found out the next day, were actually putting her safety at risk), no venue lighting issues which made getting the excellent pics we’re about to show you quite difficult that could stop her… She was NOT going to miss covering one minute of this show, and, since all’s well that ends well and she did make it home safely that night, we’re damn glad she didn’t…Have a look at what she captured and we’re sure you’ll agree!


Upon A Burning Body

Veil Of Maya



The Last Ten Seconds Of Life



To see more of Julie’s work, please go here.

Special thanks to Natalie Camillo!