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Killcode Debuts Official New Music Video for “The Wrong Side”


“There are bands out there that people will always ask their fans about with the standard, “Well, what do they sound like?” question. In this day and age, the rock band that stands out is the one that doesn’t fit neatly into any category, and carves out its own sound. That band is Killcode.” ~  Damian Cousins,


Still from "The Wrong Side" video

Still from “The Wrong Side” video

Directed by David Swajeski and produced by Maryanne Grisz, a significant portion of the video was filmed during Killcode’s sold out concert with Japanese rockers Vamps at the now defunct (RIP) Roseland Ballroom. The video also features footage filmed at Duff’s Brooklyn, the Heavy Metal mecca, and the end result could not have been achieved with any other players or anywhere else but these legendary venues…it’s sexy, atmospheric, and finds the perfect balance of story-line interwoven with clips of the band playing in their intense Killcode style. The flow of the piece is elevated by the fact that everyone you see in the video is part of the Killcode Krew ~ devoted friends, family and fans of the band ~ and by the choice to have the two lead girls in the relationship portrayed by Angelina DelCarmen from Charetta and Emily Powers from Eva & Her Virgins.


Tom Morrissey in a still from the video

Tom Morrissey in a still from the video


Check out “The Wrong Side” brought to life here  or here … and be prepared to hit “Replay” more than once!


Video still of the band

Video still of the band


Killcode album


We’re pretty sure that the track and video are going to majorly whet your appetite for even more Killcode ~ Tom Morrissey (lead vox), Chas (guitar/vox), D.C. Gonzales (guitar), Erric Bonesmith (bass/vox), Rob Noxious (drums) ~ so pick up their self-titled album via Amazon or download it on iTunes.





Official band website  (Click on “Shows” for more details and tickets to Killcode’s upcoming gigs!)


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Official Facebook   (And don’t leave their page without Liking it, checking out more about the band, what the press is saying, free downloads of some killer tracks and videos, great photos, plus lots of other good stuff courtesy of a band you’ll be hearing from and about a LOT in the new year!) 




Photo by FW contributing photographer Brian Matus ~ see more of Brian's work at

Photo by FW contributing photographer Brian Matus ~ see more of Brian’s work at




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