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This time, Farah finds herself in the middle of a Chevelle love-fest!

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“Well, well, you guys like the hard shit, don’t you,” Chevelle’s guitarist/vocalist Pete Loeffler called out to the impressive crowd that had gathered at Lupo’s in Providence on Sunday, December 14, and the crowd responded by turning up their enthusiasm one notch closer to full-on mania. This audience was chock full of some pretty serious Chevelle followers, that much was clear. Several tall guys with splendid beards put head rocking on the map that night as they devotedly sang along to each song as though to do otherwise would be heresy.


"Red,"  photo by Julie Williams for FlashWounds

“Red,” photo by Julie Williams for FlashWounds

When the band performed my personal favorite song, “The Red” (which encouraged me to dance extra hard in my obnoxious red dress), a particularly good looking fellow scrunched up half of his face as he caught my eye, initiating a sing along.. .”So lay dooooown, the threat is rrrreal…” I did my best lip syncing, and even if I may have missed the initial cue, the connection shared was real.


The intimacy created by these compelling musicians while they played “the hard shit” 100% balls out remained a constant throughout the evening. Even when out of nowhere a “surprise guest performer” appeared center stage and began flexing his muscles, no one missed a beat and there was no interruption to the bond that had been created between band and audience. As security full on tackled the stray fan, the band sang on and the crowd raged on.


Farah basking in Chevelle afterglow!

Farah basking in Chevelle afterglow!

Shortly after this unplanned flexing/tackling portion of the show, Loeffler once again made a point of connecting with the fans by saying how he liked lively Providence where “You never know what’s gonna happen!” That realness, added to the band’s clean performance and unmistakable appreciation for the crowd who’d come out to support them, was an important part of the all-inclusive, feel-good vibe that defined Sunday’s show.


The sense of unity continued after the show ended and the crowd headed to a local bar. Several Chevelle tracks blasted one after the other out of the jukebox, prompting yet another fun fella with a mean air guitar to catch my eye while lip syncing. Perhaps all people look good while channeling their inner Chevelle.


A special shout out goes to my sister for helping me feel the love and camaraderie at the show.


  1. You’re welcome sis! Loved spending time with. Next show, I’m in! I’ll sit with you on your next musical adventure

  2. Awesome read, Farah. Once again you nailed it! I felt your enthusiasm and love of the total experience…like I was there. Love your articles….:)