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Farah Checks Out Slick Rick the Ruler!

First up for “Farah Minzy’s Musical Adventures” ~ Slick Rick  @ Simon’s 677 in Providence, RI, 12/5/14


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By Farah Minzy


“What time does Slick Rick go on?” I ask the two boys selling tickets. It is before 9 on the night of December 5 and I am freezing. And as I look around, I feel… Old. Perhaps this is partially due to the fact that the fresh faces around me are a decade my junior… around the age I was when I started getting rocked by The Ruler’s amazing story telling ability. Or maybe it’s because painting the town red is a rarity for me as of late just as hanging out past 9pm is for “current me”… balls out. Whatever the case, I grab a beverage and enjoy the ride.


The bling!

The bling!

The early performances are refreshing. Some raw new talent rocks the mic with some sick flow, some beat boxing, and my personal favorite, a very long rendition of… 1984’s “Jam on It ” (my 7 year old nephew would have been ecstatic!). The vibe in this small but popular venue gets noticeably more Rickie-ready as time goes by. It’s around Cinderella’s calling hour when the slickster himself strolls out, calm, cool, and rockin’ the full shine. A massive emerald clad ring adorns one finger, impressively matching an all-out ensemble of playing cards and shine around this coolest of necks. This magnitude of bling, so typical of Slick Rick, gives me another reason to love Corey Hart’s “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night.”


The show is epic. The captivating voice that is Slick Rick time zaps me right back to an era when hip hop made more sense and card board was the dance floor of choice. I could touch the stage as I rapped along with several other fans to the words that always did and still do make my heart breakdance. The feel good atmosphere we’re all lovin’ turns up a notch when, yes, the dance circle formed. For real. My night is now complete.


As I left the venue around the hour of…where is Flave when you need him? ….I felt warm. Realizing that time ticking by, for the night or for a decade, matters little when the music is playing. Age becomes just another irrelevant factor when you’re witnessing greatness and can share your passion for it with others. 


I am so glad I went out.


Slick Adventures


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“Slick Rick uses the power of music as a universal tool to enrich the lives of everyone around him.”


“Despite life’s setbacks, Rick continues his commitment to his craft. Above all, Rick is very dedicated to his community. He regularly mentors the youth whenever he is given the opportunity to do so.” ~ Courtesy