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Dimebag Darrell Memorial Show at The Lucky Dog in Worcester Update!


 With Tester


FlashWounds learned that there had been a bit of a change in plans for the Dimebag memorial show at The Dog, so we went right to the source to find out the details ~ and just as we assumed, you can’t keep a show that’s meant to happen from happening in a music community that’s this close and this dedicated …so a little bump in the road didn’t slow anyone down and, with all respect to Dimebag (and I’m guessing his name and memory will still be on everyone’s mind that night), it took just one phone call to the bands we love ~ Along Came The Flood, Whisky Frye, Western Massacre and more ~ to get on board for ACTF’s CD Release Party, no questions asked.  Brotherhood in music.  Jim, take it away, since you’re the one who pulled it all together:


Along cropHi, it’s Jim from Trendkill. Here’s an update on the event. Originally, it was supposed to be a Dimebag Darrell memorial show with Trendkill. Unfortunately, our guitarist Barry had a family emergency and needs to be with his family. We’re very sorry we won’t be able to perform that night, but to make it up to all of you who are going to come out and support this show and everyone involved, we will be doing a metal show with my original band, “Along Came The Flood.” ACTF has a brand new CD and it will actually be released this weekend and available at the show.


This is going to be one kickass night no matter what. We already have Whisky Fyre, Western Massacre, and Tester on the bill and will be announcing a couple more bands very soon.  So for Dimebag, for local music, and for everyone ~ fan to frontman ~ who loves their metal, please come out, support the show, and raise hell with your metal family at The Dog!”


Saturday, November 29 at 9:00pm


Lucky Dog Music Hall 




 “And Dimebag, we won’t ever forget you. RIP, man, RIP.


Special thanks to Trey Holton

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