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Front Row Pics: Arch Enemy, Kreator, Huntress and Starkill @ Mojoes in Joliet, IL

Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy



What do you get when you combine a 2 degree (with snow) Chicago night, an insanely long line to get into a venue, sound check problems, a photographer in danger of having to shoot with frostbitten hands, and  a major delay in Doors Open and the start of the show?   You get a killer kick-off to Arch Enemy’s War Eternal tour, that’s what!  Thanks to a crew who located and fixed the sound issues pretty damn fast, faithful Chicago-area fans of all four bands on the bill who decided a little more time out in the cold was totally worth it to see the show (and they were rewarded by being absolutely correct), musicians who took the pre-show glitches in stride like the pros that they are, and our intrepid photographer Ms. Julie Williams, who managed to get herself inside Mojoes with just enough time before Starkill’s set to doublecheck that her gear was OK and warm up her hands, we now present to you the work of those hands, photos from one of the best tour launches we’ve seen in a while…Enjoy, and make sure to check out our latest article on all things Arch Enemy (Alissa White-Gluz, vocals, Michael Amott, lead guitars, Jeff Loomis, lead guitars, Sharlee D’Angelo, bass, Daniel Erlandsson, drums) including the addition of Jeff Loomis and the crazy list of tour dates they have planned right through almost all of 2015, and some additional photos from the show as well!


Arch Enemy





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