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Ross Livermore Band ~ Doing Things a Bit Differently

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Yearlong series of video EPs culminates in show 12/6 at Great Scott


About The Video Project


Ross AlwaysAt the beginning of the year, the Ross Livermore Band ~ Ross Livermore: Vox/Guitar, Paul Dumas: Drums/Vox, Neil Taylor: Bass/Vox, Phil Selesnick: Keys/Vox ~ embarked on a innovative campaign to make four video EPs of new songs they’d recorded in different studios. They have already begun releasing the videos on a schedule of approximately one per month.  The most recent video for “Always was You  just came out and the final videos will be released on December 2 (for the song “Young and Beautiful”) and December 30 (for “To Life”). As part of the larger video campaign, the quartet also created a video for each session, providing a very interesting look inside the whole project.  Check out the “Behind the Scenes” video from the fourth and final session which took place at Q Division in Somerville.


The band will celebrate the culmination of their project with a show in Boston on Saturday, December 6 at Great Scott  with The Frotations and  The Doyle Brothers.


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About Ross Livermore Band (based on a 2014 bio written by Steve Morse which you can view in full here.)


Ross cropSome bands put on a decent, enjoyable show that you forget about the minute it’s over and you leave the venue (some, sadly, are forgettable while they’re mid-set, but that’s neither here nor there); others, a much rarer breed, refuse to settle for mediocrity and strive to create music that draws listeners in and remains with them for a good, long time to come.  Ross Livermore Band is a card-carrying member of the latter group, unique, talented, and with a cadre of songs that you’re grateful won’t leave your head once you’ve heard them.


RossThe tightness of RLB’s soul-tinged rock grooves has energized crowds and kept dance floors packed all over the East Coast. The band have an honest, heart-and-soul approach that has not only made them a concert favorite, but has also translated to three well-respected records so far, all propelled by Livermore’s melodic songwriting.  Their old-school rock dedication combined with new-school energy is magnetic and has won them a wide, cross-generational fan base that is bound to grow with the release of the videos and the new tracks, and then with the icing on the cake, the concert on December 6 at Great Scott.


Learn more about the band, get to know their work, and stay up-to-date on new developments via the following official sites, and try to make it out to see them live at Great Scott (tickets are available here, and all the details you’ll need are on this FB event page) ~ trust us, you’ll be very glad you did.



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 Downloads of all the songs


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Full upcoming tour schedule  

Special thanks to Adam Klein of Callahan & Klein Comunications

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