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A Lesson in Respect: Tera Wray Static Addresses Fans and Friends … and Others

The Statics, photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage

The Statics, photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage

The following is an additional statement from Tera Wray Static to friends and fans (and there were many) who genuinely cared about and will miss Wayne, as well as to posts from Wayne’s peers who are spreading negative, disrespectful speculation as to the cause of his death.

“Today is my husband’s birthday and instead of celebrating his 49th year of life, we are grieving his short 48 years. It has come to my attention that many have questions and opinions about the cause of the death of my husband [to] which I now find is necessary to further respond.

Wayne was not taking drugs, if anything he was a drinker, and did not OD. The autopsy will be done by this weekend at the soonest, however for some of the test results it will take up to 6 months to get the actual death certificate finalized. I hope that the results I am given will have some insight, but they told me what I will receive this weekend will be deemed incomplete until all tests are back. 

We can all have opinions as to why – We all know that both Wayne and I had abused narcotics with alcohol in the past, which I am sure took a toll on his body, heart and soul. We were packing to travel on tour and were to leave that night, but it was Halloween and we decided to leave in the morning with our animals. I wish we had traveled that night then maybe had he fallen ill we could have gotten to the hospital. I will never know.

Statics 2I find it disrespectful to our families and myself for negative spins that are being posted. For Wayne’s music peers to take it upon themselves to make comments about us, when they are not part of our daily lives or know us outside of tour and music, just to grab a headline to get themselves at the top of the gossip page is disgusting. This is not about you or what you feel is your expert opinion on people you have no relationship with, so shame on you – Do not act like we liked your band either. Wayne was a good soul and he is gone – That is what we do know. Please show some respect to him and his memory – We thank all that have left kind and positive messages in support of this terrible time – I am sure Wayne misses you too.” ~ Tera Wray Static

In life, both Tera and Wayne should have been ~ and were, by those who understood and knew them ~ praised for their determination in overcoming the demons they had battled for years and for coming forward and admitting their struggles and mistakes.  Neither beating addiction nor sharing the often ugly truth with the public was anything short of a show of strength and bravery by two individuals committed to making very difficult but necessary changes…and from those changes came a new appreciation for life and a renewed creativity.  To now subtly or blatantly attempt to chip away at what Tera and Wayne had done to turn their lives around is pointless, unfair, and incredibly callous.  Wayne (and with all the focus on his personal hardships, let’s not forget that the man was one hell of a musician and entertainer!) cannot defend himself, and Tera should not have to defend herself or her late husband.  Allow Wayne to rest in peace and Tera to mourn and deal with the aftermath of losing the man she loved in peace.  

Wayne performs during a Saw III soundtrack release party at the Rain Nightclub after a special screening of the movie at the Palms Casino Resort early October 27, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The soundtrack for the film features Static-X's  song "No Submission."  Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Wayne performs during a Saw III soundtrack release party at the Rain Nightclub after a special screening of the movie at the Palms Casino Resort in LV on Oct. 2006. The soundtrack for the film features Static-X’s song “No Submission.” Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images