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Patrick Sieben and District 7 Records Announce Release Date for Debut Album Under The Neon Light


Sieben Under the Neon album

Guitar World Premieres Lyric Video For “B-Side Track”


Patrick Sieben will release Under The Neon Light via District 7 on February 24, 2015. has premiered the lyric video for “B-Side Track;” you can view it here.  The lead track is also available via iTunes

Photo by John Knopf

Photo by John Knopf

About Patrick

Over the past three years, Patrick Sieben has become quite the attraction in Las Vegas.  His fan base combines the millions he has come into contact with through an on-going residency at the Aria Hotel and Casino with those who have discovered him via the Internet.  All embrace the musician’s repertoire that explores the theme of living life to the fullest.  About that theme, Patrick offers, “You have to enjoy every moment you can, because tomorrow it could be gone.  What we have is now, and it may be all we get.  Don’t waste it.”  Sieben’s daily, unwavering mantra ~ one that he does not preach, but instead practices ~ is that one needs to “live to live.” 

As Sieben was finishing college in Denver, a fellow musician introduced him to an agent.  After presenting his material, the gentleman secured the young singer/ multi-instrumentalist a gig at the Red Rock Casino off The Strip and that quickly led to the offer of a four-nights-per-week residency.  He continued attending school Monday throught Thursday, flying into Vegas weekly to play Friday through Sunday.  With that gig as his base, another followed, and another, each a better situation for the rising artist.  Sieben reflects, “There is no doubt this great city has presented an opportunity for me to perform almost every night.  To be able to wake up every day and only have to play music is a beautiful thing.  It allows me to really focus on playing.  I’ve been able to hone in my craft, and really find myself as an artist.”

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As a performer, Sieben approaches his artistry with the singular goal of making people feel, whether what they feel is happy or sad or something else along the vast spectrum of human emotion. He aims to deliver a significant experience to as many people as he can, envisioning a career that will continue to grow exponentially.  He will always try to create music that listeners want to hear, which he defines as “Something that’s real.” 

Sieben is a member of Serving Our Troops, a Minnesota based group whose mission is to serve incredible steak dinners to soldiers as well as to their families back home, and they continue this work all over the globe each year.  Thus far, Sieben’s affiliation and commitment to the initiative have brought him to Kuwait and Norway to provide entertainment for the soldiers.  

About The Album

A significant portion of Under The Neon Light was tracked at WAX Ltd in Hollywood, CA with producer Wally Gagel (Muse, Maroon 5, Family of the Year).  Sieben’s current band, with whom he’s staged close to 1000 gigs over the past three years, is Ryan Martin (drums) and Danny Jacobellis (bass); when in the studio, Sieben brings in lead guitarist Joel Shearer.

Sieben B side coverThe rest of the album was recorded at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins with Chris Beeble, a buddy of his from college, and the tracks were mixed by Andrew Berlin.  Sieben reveals, “We wanted to get out of the craziness of Las Vegas and LA and record somewhere where we could clear our minds.  The Blasting Room was the perfect place. We were able to capture some raw, real moments in the studio that may not have come out the same way if surrounded by casinos and strip clubs.”

The album presents a collection of songs that showcase the qualities that make Patrick Sieben who he is as a person and offer some insight in to his personality.  He is living his life day by day, aiming to simply enjoy and experience all the world has to offer.  The first song to premiere in front of Under The Neon Light is “B-Side Track,” which features the lyric line, “I wanna be a Taylor Swift song, it probably won’t take too long.”  Says Sieban, “There’s no secret – if you have any type of personal relationship with Taylor Swift, you’re probably going to have a song written about you.   Maybe it’s my smart ass nature, but this song became this dirty rock track of me poking a little fun at Taylor, but not in a mean way because I genuinely like her.” 

Prior to widespread release via all physical and digital retailers, all pre-orders of the album will be shipped on Sieben’s birthday, February 22, 2015.  Over the next several months, leading up to street date, lyric and performance videos for the songs “Weekend Ride,” “End Of The World,” and “Live To Live” will be presented via a diverse group of media partners and Sieben’s web properties.  He titled the label District 7 to capture the union of the neighborhood he resides in (District) and the literal German definition of his last name (7).  “I wanted to tie together my life and music career in Vegas with the roots I have with my family back in Minnesota.” 

As Sieben continues his journey, there is no doubt his music and lyrics will continue to gain traction via fans and critical praise across the globe.  Las Vegas may be the epicenter of his musical world for the time being, but his presence on the road is destined to expand that world with each city he visits.  In the case of Patrick Sieben, what happens in Las Vegas is certainly not going to stay in Las Vegas.

Patrick @ the Hyde Bellagio, photo courtesy of

Patrick @ the Hyde Bellagio, photo courtesy of

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