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Front Row Pics: Rock and Shock @ The Palladium

You know how we roll here at FlashWounds, we get just excited as everyone else about shows and events like Rock n Shock and love to get in there and cover the performances, hear the audience (and performer!) reactions, and check out all the photos and reviews afterwards…but then we like to let the buzz die down a little…just a little…before we hit you with our coverage (even though we couldn’t resist sharing some photos of the convention with you last Saturday night) and remind you all over again what a fantastic weekend we all shared ~ courtesy of Kevin Barbare and his team (I’m just throwin’ the question out here, not making any political statement and certainly not browbeating anyone with MY thoughts on the subject, but has the city ever honored Mr. B in the past, oh, decade and a half not only for the internationally recognized horror extravaganza he has created, but also for everything (and everyone!) it brings to the Worcester area?  Like I said, just an innocent musing…) plus a slew of bands, celebrities, behind-the-scenes-artists, panelists, vendors, patrons, and crews of all kinds (and two very swanked-out Chihuahuas [or one Chihuahua and one poster pup for why Mexican Hairlesses ~ that’s a breed, pervs, not a sexual term ~ should probably not be allowed to fraternize with any other kind of dog…boy was this a face/body only a mother could love!] and some adorable Shih Tzus ~ and not to suggest that Doyle is anything other than one of the world’s top ten…well, maybe five… most intimidating musicians EVER, but we did see him kiss all the little furballs right on the face numerous time….OK, time for a collective “Awwww….” ~ who were all completely into the spirit of every bit of this year’s Festival and shot the energy through the roof.  Oh, and while I’m mentioning folks who brought the energy to a whole new level this year, may I just say to Jeremy Saffer about his genius idea to create the insane ad hoc band Doyle and The Rocking Dead, “MORE, please!” So relive with us the performances ~ starting with King Diamond’s pre-weekend party/performance that no-one could take their eyes off of ~ that put the “Rock” (and yeah, a little of the “Shock,” too) into this year’s mega music-monster-macabre-movie marvel that no-one involved in on any level will soon forget.


King Diamond


Life Of Agony


Doyle & The Rocking Dead



  1. Thanks for reading FlashWounds and for taking the time to send a Comment ~ one that both brings up a very good, very legitimate question to which there is unfortunately only one very simple but nonetheless frustrating (for you, for the bands, and yes, even for us!) answer: timing. We love and respect every single local band that played (and of course Mongrel has a special place in our hearts) but we were all scheduled to be elsewhere during their sets. In no way did we plan on or want to omit all the local talent from our coverage, but ~ not an excuse, only a reason ~ we were spread too thin, something that is in some ways a blessing (lots to do!) and in many a curse (missing out on, in this case, giving bands the coverage they very much deserve), and although it’s often a difficult choice, we had to honor our commitments.

    Again, absolutely no offense to or “snubbing of” any of the bands intended…this came down to a regrettable scheduling conflict.

  2. Why no pictures of the LOCAL bands that played Rock & Shock? Mongrel, Devlyn Sydus, etc etc.