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Front Row Pics and More: Premier Fighting Championship 17 @ The Palladium in Worcester MA

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Worcester was treated to a great night of MMA fights this weekend when Premier Fighting Championship came to The Palladium, and the fans responded by packing the place. And despite a couple of scrubbed fights, the card was also packed, with a total of 14 match-ups that culminated in a main event pitting Dirlei Broenstrup against Shedrick Goodridge in a 195lbs catchweight bout.

Some early finishes included a beautiful submission by Angelo Richardson over TJ Holt, transitioning from a full mount to an armbar for the tap in the first minute of the fight, as well as a slick kimura submission from the bottom for Barry Liseno to defeat Brian Corvese in 44 seconds.

Premier FC 17 -- Ring GirlsOther fights of note:

  • Dan Cormier vs. Jordi Gallardi ~ a back-and-forth stand-up war featuring great striking by both fighters, ending in a split decision. I was happy not to be a judge on that fight!
  • Ralph Johnson vs. TJ Sumler ~ a highly anticipated fight that featured a very loud and supporting contingent of fans cheering for Johnson, but unfortunately for them Johnson’s efforts to keep the fight standing were thwarted by Sumler’s takedowns and ground game. One would definitely have wished for either more action by TJ from the top or for the referee to stand them up more often, but in the end you had to give the fight to Sumler for controlling the action on the ground for most of the 15 minutes. Props to Ralph Johnson for donating his entire purse to cancer research.
  • Jessy Miele vs. Cassie Crisano ~ Crisano was doing well, controlling Miele in the clinch for a the first nine minutes and takes Jessy down towards the end of the second round, but Jessy works an armbar from from the bottom to steal the show with exactly one second left. Wow!

We’ve attended more than our fair share of MMA fights all over the Northeast, but this was FlashWounds’ first time at a Premier FC event and we were impressed with the level of competitors and the all-around production value. You can bet we plan to become regulars at future Premier FC nights and we think you might want to do the same!


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Dirlei BROENSTRUP def. Shedrick Goodridge (UD)

Jessy MIELE def. Cassie Crisano (Armbar @ 4:59 of Rd 2)

TJ SUMLER def. Ralph Johnson (UD)

Andrew CHIRICO def. Addison O’Neil (TKO @ 1:33 of Rd 2)

Yeison BERDUGO def. Todd Sweeney (TKO @ 3:11 od Rd 1)

Jordi GALLARDI def. Dan Cormier (SD)

Justin BRANGIERO def. Donnie Francis (Armbar @ 2:17 of Rd 1)

Barry LISENO def. Brian Corvese (Kimura @ 1:44 of Rd 1)

Andres PEDRAZA def. Ray Johns (Arm Triangle Choke @ 1:03 of Rd 3)

Sarah PAYANT def. Sarah Click (UD)

Angelo RICHARDSON def. TJ Holt (Armbar @ 0:52 of Rd 1)

Justin VALENTIN def. Dan Krall (Guillotine @ 1:05 Rd 3)

Shawn O’Dou def. Vinny Brightman (Submission due to strikes @ 2:03 of Rd 3)

Concepcion MARQUEZ def. Devon Zimmerman (UD)