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Rob Decoup Announces Upcoming Album + October Dates With Saving Abel

Rob War Hero Single

 Single “War Hero” Video Banned on Russian TV Available Digitally Now


A Portion of The Proceeds from Song To Be Donated To The Books For Soldiers Fund Drive


New York based (by way of Iran, Vienna & London) artist Rob Decoup’s thought- provoking video for the song “War Hero” from his forthcoming full-length album Rays of Sun, produced by Mike Plotnikoff (Aerosmith, Buckcherry) and scheduled for a January 27, 2015 release, has been banned on Russian TV.


Fortunately, we can watch the video here.


”It’s very powerful.” ~ On Request Magazine


”It’s intensely poignant and important…” ~ Artist Direct


Rob BooksThe song “War Hero” is available now at all digital outlets.  Rob plans to make a personal donation of 30% of all proceeds from the sale of the single from now until December 31, 2014 to the Books for Soldiers Fund Drive, a non-profit that provides deployed American troops with books and care packages.


For the upcoming 2015 album Rays of Sun, Decoup and producer Plotnikoff assembled a formidable cast of players to realize the rhythm and urgency of his songs: “Eric Friedman from Creed is on guitar, Marty O’Brien from Lita Ford’s band plays bass, Phil X who replaced Richie Sambora as touring guitarist for Bon Jovi lays down some nice leads and Dan Welby did the basic drum tracks,” Rob shared with us.

See Rob’s adrenaline-fueled, passionate and inspiring live show this fall as he hits the road for a string of October dates with Saving Abel.


Rob performing live

Rob performing live


Tour Dates with Saving Abel

Thursday      10/9                Ironton, OH                           Ro-Na Theater

Friday           10/10              Lafayette, IN                          The Hideaway

Saturday       10/11              Battle Creek, MI                   Music Factory

Sunday         10/12              South Bend, IN                     Cheers

Tuesday       10/14              Evansville, IN                        KCs

Wednesday   10/15              Louisville, KY                       Diamond Pub

Thursday      10/16              Cape Giradeau, MO             Pitters

Friday           10/17              Joplin, MO                             Rock 3405



Rob Decoup photo

Rob poses for what would become the cover of “War Hero”

Since Rob is hard at work getting ready for the tour, we thought we’d offer him a bit of a break with a few relatively random questions ~ but ones that just might give you a little inside into the man behind the mask, as it were…He was a great sport about taking the time to answer, so Rob, thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into what makes you tick musically…and your penchant for authentic NY eats!

FW: Which group or artist would you personally like to induct into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?  And if you were to earn the honor of being inducted next year, whom would you want to induct you?  Rob:  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and I would want Jerry Cantrell to induct me.

Rob at the CK Music Lounge

Rob at the CK Music Lounge

Which do you find more difficult/intimidating ~ performing for a comparatively small audience (especially one that you know includes family and/or friends) in a more intimate venue or for a huge [faceless/anonymous] crowd at an enormous stadium?  Small audiences can definitely be more intimidating especially with friends and family whom you interact with on a daily basis at a normal level.  When on stage, something takes control and it is anything but normal. It’s a trance and journey that feeds off the crowd as a singular element rather than a group consisting of individuals.

If you have a vinyl collection, which is your most cherished album?   
The Doors’ Strange Days 

If you ever decided to do an entire album of covers, which songs would make the cut?  

Rob with Alice Cooper

Rob with Alice Cooper

Rob with Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne

Rob with Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne

“After all these Years” by Silverchair, “Would” by  Alice in Chains, “American X” by BRMC, “Uprising” by Muse, “Hey You”  by Pink Floyd,  “Sabbra Cadabra” by Black Sabbath,  “Elected” by Alice Cooper,  “Underground” by Jane’s Addiction,  “Fast As I Can” by Stone Temple Pilots,  “Running Free” by Iron Maiden,  “Estranged” by Guns n Roses, “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan,  “Working Class Hero” by John Lennon

Are there any causes/organizations that are particularly close to your hearts and that you would encourage the public to support?  Falling Whistles, UNICEF, UNESCO 

What’s the one local place ~ restaurant, dive, pool hall, tattoo parlor, etc. ~ that you HAVE to visit ever time you’re back home in NYC?  Katz Deli, Miss Korea BBQ, Nurse Bettie, Shake Shack 

When you see a band that was huge in, say, the 70s or 80s, and that you really loved, make a bid for a comeback today, do you hope they’ll have kept their original style/playlist or do you want to see more mature band with new material?  I hope they keep their original style, like Black Sabbath’s 13, which was a great comeback. 

You’ve played all over the world in all sorts of venues ~ assuming you got the chance to spend any time exploring the various countries, was there one that struck some sort of deeper chord with you than the others?

Rob at Fluc Wanne, Vienna, Austria

Rob at Fluc Wanne, Vienna, Austria

Actually America did, the fascination for rock music is still the greatest in America where the culture of going out and seeing live rock bands is still strong.

Rob at 5 Avenue NYC

Rob at 5 Avenue NYC

Most important lesson you’ve learned from being a musician?  That there are many good musicians and songwriters out there, and to stand out, you really need to be at your best at all times. 

Where you all come from, musically speaking?  Have you been a musician since you were a kid?  Did you take lessons or are you self-taught?  I took a few guitar lessons when I was 13 but learned mostly myself. 

If you could choose one soundtrack/ film to have one of your songs in, what would you choose?  Pulp Fiction 

Which generally comes first in your songwriting process, lyrics or instrumentals?  Or does it vary so much that there is no “generally?”  Usually lyrics come at the end, but sometimes simultaneously

Better to burn out than fade away?  Burn out!

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