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411 Underground Celebrates 5 Years of Independent Music with Upcoming “Best Of 411″ Compilation

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Band Lineup Announced ~ Compilation To Be Released August 19, 2014

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411 Underground Radio continues its anniversary campaign “Celebrating 5 Years of Independent Music” with the upcoming compilation “Best of 411: The 411 Underground Edition,” due out on August 19. The compilation showcases 35 tracks from some of the many talented, independent artists featured on the show during its 5 year run; rock, metal, punk and alternative genres from across the U.S. and Canada are represented. The album will be available to stream and offered as a free download here.   

Ben Carroll

Ben Carroll

411 Underground has released a video announcing the band lineup. Keeping to the tradition of the original Best of 411 compilations, produced by the show’s (and former webzine’s) creator My 411 Source, the newest addition will also premiere a new song ~ straight from the studio. However, the band (whose members have extensive roots in the Northeast music scene ~ just a little tease!) responsible for the track will remain anonymous until the compilation’s release.

Participating artists have released a series of promotional videos, each announcing a new detail about “Best of 411: The 411 Underground Edition.” The first featured Ben Carroll (Ra, The Hollow Glow), who announced the release date. Subsequent videos came from Boston rock group One Time Mountain and NYC rockers Face The King, who filmed their video while on Vans Warped Tour.

One Time Mountain, photo by Kate Eppers‎

One Time Mountain, photo by Kate Eppers‎

The “Best of 411: The 411 Underground Edition” release date of August 19 is no coincidence: the date would have been My 411 Source’s 10th anniversary. But as the heart and traditions of My 411 Source’s live on, we can still celebrate with those who made the compilation a reality ~  411 Underground Radio, 411 Recordings, Take This To Heart Records, Ocelot Records, and all of the participating artists.

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More About 411 Recordings

411 Recordings is a private DIY label established to produce and distribute My 411 Source’s annual “Best of 411” charity and promotional compilation albums in 2007, 2008, and 2009. My 411 Source was a former local music webzine (2004-2012) based in Western Massachusetts. 411 Recordings returns to join forces with 411 Underground Radio to compile and distribute this new compilation. Together, they keep My 411 Source’s spirit alive with the next generation of “Best of 411” compilations.

Face the King

Face the King

Check out these video links!

Band Lineup Teaser Video 

Ben Carroll Promo
One Time Mountain Promo 

Face The King Promo



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Very special thanks to Patty Seifert for too many things to list, but especially for her vision and her undying devotion to music, the independent artists who make it, and the communities who are enriched by its presence.

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