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FUNGONEWRONG Headlines “Truefest II” Sat., August 9th @ The Wamac City Park in Wamac, Il



 Best Nu-Punk/Metal/Death-Trash Band Is Taking Over the World and Releases Self-Titled Record Tomorrow, July 29th 


Legend Group Records’ “You’ve Got Talent Competition,” Fender Guitar Give-Away, & More Will All Be Part of the Fun!

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Get ready groovy metal-heads, as FUNGONEWRONG will be shredding the stage as headliners of TRUEFEST II for their record release party extravaganza before embarking in a late summer/early fall tour of the U.S.


This festival is one mega-massive CD release party where FUNGONEWRONG will unleash its monstrous metal on the World!  Also, Fender Guitars has donated a custom St. Louis Cardinal Stratocaster guitar that you can win and Legend Group Records is sponsoring a “You’ve Got Talent” competition for local bands ~ the winner gets free studio time at Lost Records Studio.

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Watch the video their first video for the hit single “Cry Me A River” here  to see what all the commotion is about!

Check out some intimate moments with “FUNGONEWRONG: Our Influences & Debut Album” here.  




FUN CD USE“…party-happy groove metal – think a drunker Pantera arm-wrestling Five Finger Death Punch in the local bar…” ~ Revolver Magazine

“…totally f@#king awesome! …if ICP got knocked up by Slipknot, their bastard child would be FUNGONEWRONG.” ~ Jack Black, Tenacious D

FGW is tearing up the metal scene and reminding us why we love the genre so much. You can get your digital download or CD of their self-titled album tomorrow via Amazon  or  iTunes.  


~ Belter Skelter (vocals, guitar), Milez Long (guitar, vocals), Ballz Deep (guitar, vocals), Manny Wrektor (bass) and Buster Hymen (drums) ~ is a mixture of metal, punk, and death-thrash whose groove-creating music ensures that the band will rise to the top of the musical mountain and stick their metal flag deep in the minds of all music lovers. They’re reminding us why we fell in love with the true metal genres to begin with. FGW emerging from the darkest depths of music hell to fight boredom and mediocrity and stir things up like no other band can!  While their true identity is unknown due to the colorful bags they wear over their heads at all times, FGW can be spotted for miles by their rabid and loyal fan base who also wear bags on their heads to every FUNGONEWRONG show and call themselves THE BAGHEAD NATION. 


FGW at the Whisky a Go Go

FGW at the Whisky a Go Go

Come see FUNGONEWRONG on August 9th for the record release party and join THE BAGHEAD NATION! …. And get ready, because the metal masters will be combatting wimpy-ass music and supporting their July 29th album release with a full US tour from late summer to early fall, dates TBA!



A portion of the proceeds from this day of momentous metal mania day will be donated back to the park in honor of Chad True, who died on June 8, 2011 in a horrible car wreck. He was engaged to Jessica Carpenter and had 4 step-daughters (Liz, Shelby, Emma, and Abby) and one son, Evan. He was an AMAZING drummer, an true friend to FGW, and loved his Harley. He is missed each and every day.  R.I.P.







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  1. FUNGONEWRONG is definitely what the world has been needing to remedy boring ass music that has been plaguing the planet for far too long.I am way excited about the CD being released and for TRUEFEST 2 this will be an EPIC event that will showcase a shit ton of talent the day of the fest and a shit ton of fun that will have BAGHEADS and fans of all the Bands that will be playing the ALL DAY FEST talking for years to come!

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