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FlashWounds Interview: Get To Know Prime Ministers

Prime Ministers

FlashWounds was lucky enough to have the entire band ~ Ernesto (guitar, piano, vocals), Chimo (drums), Pedro (bass and vocals) and Shaggy (guitar and vocals) ~ participate in this interview, and we thank them so much for their time…As always, the artists ~ who are based out of
 both South America and the Wynwood Art District, FL, got to choose which questions they wanted to answer from a selection of about 100, so enjoy getting to know rockers Prime Ministers in their own words ~ then head over to their website and FB page for even more information about them and their musical history…and finally, get ready to grab a copy of their sophomore album NOW (produced and mixed by Max Heyes [Oasis, Paul Weller, Primal Scream]) when it hits the US on October 7 ~ and let me assure you, the wait is worth it.  NOW is going to prove to be what critics call “a breakthrough album” stateside for the band that already has legions of international fans. The first single, “Take It Back,” is the perfect melding of robust instrumentation, lush refrain, and a powerful message.  “Never Leave Again,” with its melody layered over a powerful beat, vibrant lyricism, and palpable honesty in its delivery, is magnetic.  The swaggering, classic rock-inspired “From Me,” the hard-driving yet lyrical “Revolution,” and the intense title track “Now” all contribute to an album that is destined to make quite an impact.

For a preview of what NOW holds in store, watch the video for “Take It Back” here.

The band with Max Hayes

The band with Max Hayes


  • Which group or artist would you personally like to induct into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?  And if you were to earn the honor of being inducted next year, whom would you want to induct you?
Ernesto in Mexico

Ernesto in Mexico

Ernesto: I would like to induct: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and I would like to be inducted by: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters).

Shaggy: I would like to induct: Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age). I would like to be inducted by: Maradona, when I am dead.

Pedro: I would like to induct: Pearl Jam. I would like to be inducted by: John Deacon (Queen).

Chimo: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame…Hmm. I would just love to play with Jack White that night.

  • Which do you find more difficult/intimidating ~ performing for a comparatively small audience (especially one that you know includes family and/or friends) in a more intimate venue or for a huge [faceless/anonymous] crowd at an enormous stadium?

We prefer a small audience.

Prime live

  • Does anyone still have a collection of vinyl or cassettes?  If you have vinyl, which is your most cherished album?

We all still have vinyls. Some of them: complete set of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis and The Doors, Purple of Stone Temple Pilots, The Verbe Urban Hymns and Live at The Shea Stadium of The Clash.

Prime Strawberry Fields

At the famous Strawberry Fields

  • Worst injury any of you has ever suffered onstage?
Pedro on Mexican radio

Pedro on Mexican radio

Our worse injury that was suffered on stage was when Pedro hit Ernesto on the head with his bass, and he began bleeding. It seemed like a part of the show for the audience. It was brilliant.

  • If you ever decided to do an entire album of covers, which songs would make the cut?

The following songs would be included in the cut:

“I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” ~ The Beatles

“Ella usó mi cabeza como un revolver” ~ Soda Stereo

“The Ocean” ~ Led Zeppelin

“Tapper Jean Girl” ~ Kings of Leon

“In Bloom” ~ Nirvana

“Big Time” ~ Peter Gabriel


  • Nicknames for each other within the band? 

Our nicknames are: Chimo, Shaggy, Perico (Pedro).


  • Are there any causes/organizations that are particularly close to your hearts and that you would encourage the public to support?

“Granito de Arena,” a movement of surfers whose mission is to promote the care of the sea:


  • Do you [pardon the phrase] have the balls to do what the Red Hot Chili Peppers did and perform wearing just tube socks?   
Shaggy on Mexican radio

Shaggy on Mexican radio

Shaggy would do it on acid. 

  • Anyone in the band a true foodie?

All of us are true foodies.  We love to experience local food cultures wherever we go.


  • What’s the one local place ~ restaurant, dive, pool hall, tattoo parlor, etc. ~ that you HAVE to visit ever time you’re back home?

The local places we must visit are: Tony’s sushi and Gigi (Miami), Papito Barloa (Mendoza, Argentina), Tacos al Pastor everywhere,  El Gato and Pique y Pase (Guayaquil) and Tattoos by Lou (Miami).

  • Did you have a pre-conceived notion about audiences in America before the first time you played here? 

Yes, we did have pre-conceived notions. It was that they understand what we are saying.

Acoustic radio performance of "This Feeling Coming Back" #FromMe #NOW

Acoustic radio performance of “This Feeling Coming Back” #FromMe #NOW

How difficult is it to come up with album names?

The album name usually comes up 90 % into the record. Naturally.

  • When you see a band that was huge in, say, the 80s, and that you really loved, make a bid for a comeback today, do you hope they’ll have kept their original style/playlist or do you want to see more mature band with new material?

50-50. It’s cool to see how good concepts can make it fresh and new again. It’s especially great to see how a new audience reacts to past material of some of these great bands.

  • You’ve played all over the world in all sort of venues ~ assuming you got the chance to spend any time exploring the various countries you toured, was there one that struck some sort of deeper chord with you than the others?

Yes, actually two countries:  Mexico and England. They are both countries with deep roots in rock and roll.

Prime Ministers on the next to last night of their PMEngland Tour

Prime Ministers on the next to last night of their PMEngland Tour


  • Some musicians can play their instruments really well and know how to break down/assemble their own drums, replace their own strings, etc., but always seem to rely on the one tech whiz in the band to deal with all the rest of the technical elements ~ any advice on the importance of everyone in a band knowing how to use/fix/read all or most of the equipment the group uses?

Of course. Becoming a musician is a step by step process, and you will not be great in whatever you do if you don’t know each step.

  • Most important lesson you’ve learned from being in the music industry?

Musical talent is just a part of the equation, but not everything.

Second day of interviews on the PMEngland Tour

Second day of interviews on the PMEngland Tour

  • Most impressive/worthwhile (from your perspective, not the public’s) music industry event you’ve ever attended?
Prime Ministers @ The Great Escape UK

Prime Ministers @ The Great Escape UK

The Great Escape UK.  

  • Where you all come from, musically speaking?  Have you been a musician/in a band since you were a kid?  Did you take lessons or are you self-taught?

We were self-taught playing since [we were] kids. Shaggy spent 3 years studying classical guitar at The National University in Argentina, but eventually dropped out to become self-taught.

  • When there are line-up changes in the band, for whatever reason and even when the outcome is a complete positive, is there a bit of a mourning period because one incarnation of the band has in essence died?

Although it sometimes hurts seeing someone leave, we focus ourselves and try to get the best of the new line-up to drive us musically speaking, not that we have changed a lot, and the essence never dies but grows.

  • Is there a code of ethics/conduct amongst professional musicians who are on the same bill…and even in the same band?  Maybe things like always acknowledging the band that played before you and the ones who come later on the bill, making sure to introduce each member of your own band, not touching/moving other bands’ gear, etc.?

Whoever comes after or before, we think that musicians are artists, so there’s always the essence of not wasting other artists time.  We respect each other’s music, so we respect ourselves and other musicians.

Prime Live crop

  • Are you ever surprised when the track on your album that you assumed would be your fans’ favorite turns out not to be, or have you gotten to the point of no longer trying to second guess what the public’s taste will be?

You might forecast, but this is not math. Anything can happen. We are coming to a point where if we feel good and proud about our music, we assume they are gonna like it.  We think that all of our songs are good so whatever is chosen by the fans or by us, we just want to make the best of it.

The band presenting their new album NOW in Mexico...even though North America has to wait 'til Oct. 7!

The band presenting their new album NOW in Mexico…even though North America has to wait ’til October 7!



  • Name you’d absolutely love to give your next tour even if there’s no way in hell you’d be “allowed” to?
Getting goofy!

Getting goofy!

The Warehouse Tour

  • If you could have been involved in the soundtrack to one film, which film would you have chosen?

Among many, we would point out Kill Bill and The Big Lebowski.

  • What’s the strangest gift any fan has given you?

One fan gave us a piece of paper with a drop of blood.

  • Any friendly sports team allegiance rivalries within the band?

One of our friendly rivalries is Argentina vs Ecuador in the soccer World Cup. It would be something to talk about but never big deal.

  • Is the music industry what you thought it would be when you were still a young band looking in from the outside?
Photo courtesy of Mishell Congo

Photo courtesy of Mishell Congo

Not even close. Maybe all the articles you read from magazines can give you an idea, but it is never the same when you are going through it.


  • Which generally comes first in your songwriting process, lyrics or instrumentals?  Or does it vary so much that there is no “generally?”

Most of the times, music, chords and melodies first then we complete lyrics but always with a general idea of the message.

  • As accomplished musicians you don’t just know music, you know what makes for good lighting, sound, set design, etc. ~ So can you go to a show, whether small and local or a huge festival, and just enjoy, or do find yourself almost subconsciously looking for flaws in all those elements?

We always try to enjoy even the flaws. No one is perfect. When you go live it is not the exact representation of what you hear on the album. That`s the idea of playing live. It’s all about the energy in the air.


  • Do you have, for lack of a better word, understudies who could take over for various members of the band in a truly last minute emergency when it’s already too late to cancel a show?

Hopefully no one gets hurt, but if the time comes and we do have to find a solution every member in the band has to agree.

PRIMES horizontal

  • Now this question has resulted in some pretty serious finger-pointing and name calling ~ Is it cool to wear the T-shirt of a band you’re going to see or is it totally lame…thoughts?

Shaggy: If I am opening for Queens of the Stone Age I would have their names tattooed on my chest.


  • Better to burn out than fade away?

Better to burn out. Who knows…It can be 50 years from now.


  • If you had to write a song that was an ode to an inanimate object, what would that object be?

A light bulb.


  • Are any of you artists in other forms of art ~ painting, sculpting…?
Chimo on Mexican radio

Chimo on Mexican radio

Chimo does the Yo’yo art and Ernesto paints.


  • How important is the choice of producer for your albums?

As important as any member in the band in the recording process.


  • Aside from a tragic reason like the death or illness of someone you love, is there anything that can happen before a show that will distract you from playing your best?

Having a power outage.


  • Any technical gadget/feature that you wish someone would invent for your instrument?

Our instruments fit our personalities exactly as they are.

  • Do you ever wear any of your band’s own merch?

Yes. Chimo wears [our] T-shirts, and Pedro likes the caps.

  • Not to get political, but ~ thoughts on music classes being offered in every school?
The guys making one young fan very happy at an autograph signing in Mexico City

The guys making one young fan very happy at an autograph signing in Mexico City

Knowing music changes your perspective and your strategy in whatever it is that you are going to end up doing in life.  We believe it’s a gift that everybody should have.

  • The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and civilization is coming to an end. You have the opportunity to put a copy of one of your albums in a time capsule to survive the coming Dark Ages. Which one do you choose?

Definitely our latest release: NOW

  • How did the band come together?  Was there an audition process?  Did you all already know each other or each other’s work in previous bands?  Were there some early line-up changes before everything finally clicked?

Like everything there were some changes at the very initial stage, in the recipe, but what you see today came from countless jam nights where we got to get a feel for each other.


  • Any of your songs that you think would be perfect for a TV commercial ~ and for what product/service/etc.?

“Technicolor Dreams” would be perfect for an LSD commercial, if LSD was legal.

  • Is there any non-music industry person who’d render you completely starstruck if you met him or her?

We would be starstruck if we met: Terrence Mckenna if he was alive (Shaggy), God (Pedro), and Howard Hughes (Ernesto).

  • Who chooses the order the tracks are in on an album?
Recording at RAK Studios in England ~ "It was a great experience!"

Recording at RAK Studios in England ~ “It was a great experience!”

No one specifically, the order of the songs is extremely connected to the lyrics and   the journey where they take you.

  • Recording process ~ long, torturous hours that are a necessary means to an end or something that you enjoy/treat as a learning experience each time, no matter how many albums you’ve recorded?

No one is in this for torture. If you don’t understand what you can learn working with a great producer then you’re missing half of the journey.



  • When the band tours, should audiences expect slightly different versions of the songs from what’s on the album or do you try to duplicate the sound of the album as closely as possible?

Usually we think it has to be a slightly different version but with a higher output of energy because there is a live audience.

Photo thanks to EXA FM ECUADOR and El Comercio Digital

Photo thanks to EXA FM ECUADOR and El Comercio Digital


  • Do you havea go-to band, current or past, that you listen to for musical inspiration?  One that always gets your creative juices flowing?

About 3 months before the writing process begins, I lose my iPod on purpose, so It doesn`t interfere with the connection (Ernesto).

By getting our juices flowing we always go to a kind of source subconsciously. (Shaggy and Pedro)

  • Blatantly stealing from James Lipton ~ Pearly gates of heaven or fiery doors of hell, with what words would you like to be welcomed?

Wherever God wants to send us: “Welcome. It’s been a while.”


Primes crop


  • One person you would really like to see you perform?

The Pope (Shaggy), you (Pedro), anyone that enjoys our music (Ernesto), Hilter and Ghandi (Chimo)

  • You all know what you’re like to deal with…would you ever want the job of managing/repping your band ~ or even another?

Absolutely not, but actually thinking about it, maybe we would enjoy organizing after-parties for other bands.

  • When you’re playing a foreign country, do you try to learn at least a big rock/metal greeting in the audience’s native tongue? 


Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy


  • Dumbest thing you’ve ever seen an audience member do during one of your shows?

The dumbest thing we’ve ever seen was a cat fight between ladies.


  • What would the authorized biography of your band be titled?

Really…We Authorized This???



  • Best musician gimmick of all time?

We have two: The shirt-less Iggy Pop and Slash’s top hat.


  • Any major international festivals that you’re dying to play but haven’t yet had the chance to?

We would love to play at: Glastonbury, Lollapalooza and Coachella.


Prime on Plane


THIS JUST IN!!!  Prime Ministers’ live shows and their latest album NOW have not only made an impression on critics and fans the world over, but have caught the attention of none other than 30 Second to Mars, who have invited the band to play on their “Adventures in Wonderland Tour” in Ecuador this fall.  And on the heels of that exciting announcement comes the news that the PMs will follow the Equador tour with US tour dates of their own!  Sounds like that dream of playing Glastonbury, Lollapalooza and Coachella isn’t going to be just a dream much longer, guys…Congratulations on everything!


Instagram: @primeministersband


It’s been a pleasure, Prime Ministers, and when you tour the States, we’ll look forward to being front and center at one of the shows!!