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Heavy Montreal Is Getting Closer!! Are You Ready for the Metal Madness??



Heavy Montreal (August 9 and 10) is going to be here before we know it…and the Festival is running a major contest (see details in the poster below) for a prize pack that includes a pair of tickets…so if you weren’t planning on going to this INSANE gathering of the best hard bands anywhere (and some of the most enthusiastic fans I’ve ever seen…and from all over the world!) but are having second thoughts, click HERE to enter the contest!


If you already have your tickets, make sure to keep checking HM’s Facebook page ~ they’re posting a ton of great videos daily from bands that will be playing this year, they’re offering some really decent tips for how to make the most out of your time at the festival (But in case they don’t get around to mentioning this tip, we’re going to:  Montreal is hot and humid as hell in August…and there are downpours all the time…so be prepared for mud, rain, sweating your balls off, and drinking about 17 gallons of water each day…And you know those silly little battery-run plastic fans that you can pick up for about 5 bucks at your local drugstore?  Don’t laugh…they are the best invention ever for times like this [as are the $2 clear plastic ponchos you can grab at the same drugstores] ~ we’re lucky enough to get to cool down in the shade of the media tents, but you had better believe I still bring my fans…and after all the mocking I put up with from my FW partner, guess who had a crowd of people around her asking if they could  use one even just for a minute…), providing apps that will keep you up-to-date on the latest info once you’re on the grounds, and a lot more…

And no need to worry if you don’t speak/understand Canadian French because everyone there speaks perfect English…and the international language of heavy metal!!