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FlashWounds Interview: Meet Amy Rose

Photo by Vanessa Marie Dewsbury

Photo by Vanessa Marie Dewsbury


Amy Rose.  How does one describe Amy Rose?  She’s part down-home country girl, part sophisticated musical pro (the list of accomplishments, talents, awards, and collaborations with major industry vets attributed to Amy already is nothing short of amazing) and all “Redneck Diva,” Amy Rose has already earned a reputation for being one of Ontario, Canada’s best-known secrets.

Party Like a Redneck

From her early years on small-town fair and festival stages to her recent radio airplay, charting and awards, this girl with the contagious laugh, air of happiness and youthful energy, soaring vocal range and pop country sensibilities is on a trajectory that will take lead her to the world stage, bringing with her legions of adoring fans and even eliciting kudos and a genuine smile from the most jaded members of the press.  “The business” has not tarnished Amy or dampened her enthusiasm for what she loves to do one bit; combine her bubbly, self-deprecating, could-be-your-best-friend personality with her talent and focus when it comes to her music ~ and don’t mistake her sweetness for naiveté ~ and you’ve got a Rose that’s about to bloom so beautifully that everyone will take notice.

So needless to say, it was a blast having Amy choose from our FlashWounds grab-bag of interview questions so that we can introduce her to you before her time becomes so limited that we would have missed our chance…In fact, Amy was about to head out on her Ontario Country Crazy Radio Tour 2014, where she is right now!


FW:  What’s the most kick ass meal in any town in any country you have visited while on tour?

Amy: OK so hear me out, I know that you can buy cottage cheese in a grocery store anywhere BUT whenever we’re in Nashville I love stopping in at Shoney’s Restaurant because they have the BEST tasting cottage cheese I have ever had… (My band mates laugh about it BUT seriously there’s nothing like some good ole tasting cottage cheese to make your day H.A.P.P.Y.) [Laughs]   (Amy, I think that plug calls for free cottage cheese for life!)

small AmyIs there any non- musical industry person who’d render you completely star stuck if you met him or her?

Oh that would definitely be Mr. Ben Bass from “Rookie Blue“!!! Gotta love a man in uniform, it gets me EVERY TIME… (I absolutely LOVE him AND think he’s seriously the hottest guy to walk this earth) THE END!!! [Giggles]  (Well, I can’t guarantee anything, but if he happens to find out that you appreciate his…work…)

Any musically inclined siblings?

NOPE!!! I have two younger sisters, Amanda & Ashley, and trust me when I say music is definitely not their strong suit…[Laughs] Ain’t NOBODY wanna hear those two crazy gals sing HOWEVER when I’m feeling like I need a good laugh, we’ll crank up “Written In The Stars” by Elton John & Leann Rimes and do a sister trio for comic relief!

Amy and [most of] the band en route to St. Catherine's in Ontario ~ bass player "COKBFF" isn't  on board because they'll be performing an acoustic set.

Amy and [most of] the band en route to St. Catherine’s in Ontario ~ bass player “COKBFF” isn’t on board because they’ll be performing an acoustic set.

Any nicknames for each other within the band?

Oh boy do we have nicknames!!! [Laughs] Well, my bass player Christina is my COKBFF and when most people hear that name and they think dirty BUT I assure you it is the cleanest and most innocent nickname EVER… Long story short, Christina actually auditioned to be in my “Party Like A Redneck” music video by answering an ad on Kijiji for a “Pretend” bass player HOWEVER she ended up being “the real deal” and joining forces with the band as a “real” bass player who is also now one of my very best friends aka My COKBFF (‘Cause Of Kijiji Best Friend Forever)! We also have my acoustic guitar player/producer “Smarty Marty” aka Dusty Sprinkles!!! AND the list goes on AND on with names that will make you pee your pants!!! [Giggles]

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from being in the music industry?

You can’t please everyone… There is ALWAYS gonna be somebody who has something negative to say about you. Just stay motivated, keep positive AND remember for every one negative person, there are many more positive, so stay true to “YOU” and NEVER give up ‘cause “YOU” and only “YOU” alone chose your destiny…

Amy Rose no credit

What’s your silliest fear/phobia about which your band constantly mocks you?

Hmmmm…well, let’s start from the top… [Laughs] I hate to fly…and in my line of work I sometimes have no choice but to fly! I’m absolutely terrified of bridges and tunnels…don’t understand why we have to go over or under something to get us where we need to be. I will NEVER swim in a lake because of water snakes OR in an ocean because of sharks… So needless to say I’m a walking, talking, mocking TARGET… [Laughs]

In early June, Amy shared that "I am very honored to have the #1 Americana single on the CMG Radio charts. Thank you!!"

In early June, Amy shared that “I am very honored to have the #1 Americana single on the CMG Radio charts. Thank you!!”

How important is the choice of producer for an album?


Oh, EXTREMELY important… I mean, your producer is your creative soul and mastermind behind your album, right along with you, helping build your musical style and sound all while bringing it to life in song. Trust me, when you find that special producer where you don’t have to say anything AND he automatically knows what you’re saying, THEN he’s definitely a keeper…


One person you’d really like to see in concert?


Bon Jovi!!!


Tiny AmyWhen you listen to music for enjoyment in your free time, do you really crank it?




What would your authorized biography be titled?


Hmmmmmm. Country Crazy With a Dash of REDNECK…[Laughs]




Amy try cropAmy is an absolute delight ~ if I had tried to capture every time she laughed or giggled with a [Laughs], the interview would have been a mile long…Ms. Rose radiates everything you’d expect from a true artist/performer and genuinely decent human being and no written words can do her personality justice…except perhaps her own, presented in her own voice through her music.  Thank you so much, Amy, for joining the FlashWounds family!




Amy has a new album about to be released, The Beginning, and the single “Country Crazy” is already available on iTunes.  You can also purchase her past albums and some cool merch here.

Amy Country Crazy





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