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[More] Front Row Pics from Amnesia Rockfest 2014, Montebello QC

Megadeth Live -- Amnesia RockFest 2014

A record 200,000 people descended upon the quiet little town of Montebello in Quebec (usual population: 1000) for the 9th edition of Amnesia Rockfest. With a well-organized 5-stage site on the banks of the Ottawa river hosting the killer line-up of bands (check out the entire line-up here), festival founder Alex Martel and his team (FW’s sends a special thank you ~ as we’re sure all the other members of the media and the bands do as well ~ to Florence Petit-Gagnon) pulled off an incredible weekend of music, camping, and more, and the event won much deserved praise from media, the bands, and, most importantly, the audience ~ all of whom got to mingle during the duration of the Rockfest, whether outside all congregated to watch their favorite [fellow] performers, at the Media Center, or just taking a tour of the grounds.  Even the weather cooperated, with a sunny 85 degrees tempered by a comfortable breeze all weekend long.

With nearly 100 bands ~  including such world-class and diverse acts as Mötley Crüe,  Megadeth, Blink-182, Weezer, Misfits and GrimSkunk ~ playing over the course of  two days, there was more music than we could shake a camera (well, two, really) at (check out the daily line-up/schedule here…but boy, was it a blast!  We’ve already teased you (check our FB page!) with some of our favorite shots, but here are a few more pics from the shows we were able to catch.   Enjoy…whether you attended this year’s Fest or are planning to make next year’s your first!

Amnesia Rockfest

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