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7Horse To Release Songs For A Voodoo Wedding on June 10 + Duo Announces Tour Dates

Songs for a Voodoo Wedding album cover; photo by artist  Smith Eliot

Songs for a Voodoo Wedding album cover shot; photo by artist Smith Eliot

Get ready for a healthy dose of blues, a pinch (maybe more) of country, and a good helping dirty rock n’ roll from two of the original members of dada. 

7 Horse Single7Horse ~ Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt ~ are gearing up to release their new album, Songs For A Voodoo Wedding, on June 10; the record was produced by Phil Leavitt and Joie Calio, engineered by Jonathan Chi and Scott Gordon, mixed by Dave Way and mastered by Howie Weinberg.

Find the single “Flying High (With No ID) on iTunes.

The duo is also excited to announce its first wave of summer tour dates with 28 North kicks off on June 7.

The release of the new album coincides with The Holy Day of Voodoo ~ St. John’s Eve, a celebration that honors the Voodoo Queen Maria Laveau ~ and much of the inspiration for the new album came from a visit to New Orleans. Vocalist/drummer Leavitt had visited The Big Easy often while on tour, but he’d never spent considerable time there until he went to attend a friend’s wedding. The visit “…got the juices flowing,he recalls.  “It’s inspiring just to walk down the streets there. “You are just overcome by the sense of freedom, and to embrace life. There’s a spirit you can’t find anywhere else.”

 7 Horse methWhat got the juices flowing even more, and was responsible for bolstering the duo’s confidence in the musical direction they had chosen and fueling their determination to finish 7Horse’s second album, was a call from a representative of legendary director Martin Scorsese: the single “Meth Lab Zoso Sticker” from the duo’s debut album Let the 7Horse Run was being considered for use in the film The Wolf of Wall Street. The track ended making a cameo in the film as well as an appearance in the trailer. “There’s a certain level of validation when Martin Scorsese thinks your song is good enough for his movie,” Calio says. “That was the proverbial shot in the arm.”

From Calio’s dirty blues licks to Leavitt’s earnest, unadorned vocals, Songs for a Voodoo Wedding sounds like the work of two guys who’ve turned over the soil and found the[ir] roots.

Listen to some damn irresistible 7Horse tracks here.

“Songs for a Voodoo Wedding [is] back alley tales, gin joint anecdotes and street corner legend backs by throw back blues playing which would make Robert Johnson stand up and profess his love to 7Horse.”Innocent Words

7 Horse Crop


7Horse tour dates with 28 North

June 7             The Evening Star                  Niagara Falls, NY

June 8             Hartwood Acres                    Pittsburgh, PA

June 13           120 Tavern                            Marietta, GA

June 14           Brewhouse                            Rome, GA

July 10            WBJB Summer Concert         Lincroft, NJ

August 15       The Hangout                          Gulf Shores, AL


Check out all 7Horse performance dates here.

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