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Paul Booth’s Last Rites Gallery Launches Brand New Website, Online Community, and Forum

Paul Booth

Paul Booth/Last Rites fans rejoice, we finally have a brand new website, online community, and forum to sink our claws into! will serve as the umbrella site for both Last Rites Tattoo Theatre and Last Rites Gallery, uniting the two separate meccas for the dark arts under one roof, and giving birth to Last Rites Online Community.

Last Rites cropAlthough Last Rites Tattoo Theatre and Last Rites Gallery will still exist independent of one another, this new site will make it easier for patrons to enjoy all the talent and beauty under one roof, almost as if they were at 325 West 38th Street in NYC in the flesh.‘s intention is to provide a digital space to serve as a comprehensive community of like-minded individuals that have a true appreciation for the dark side of art.

"Lil' Skeeter," oil painting by Paul Booth

“Lil’ Skeeter,” oil painting by Paul Booth

The structure of the website is designed to make your journey simple yet visually stimulating as you peruse all facets of the dark art world that is Last Rites. The main navigation gives constant access to Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, Last Rites Gallery, the Last Rites Store, Forum and Online Community. Each category offers drop down menus, allowing you to choose which component you wish to explore. Also, social media streams, videos, appointment forms, a forum and tons of images are all integrated for your viewing pleasure! hopes its patrons will browse and interact with the art and one another on its platform through our Forums and Online Community. is also mobile friendly and ergonomic, easily accessed from all smart devices.

13 Hour Art Show at Last Rites Gallery (Oct '13) ~ Goethe Silva (L), Paul Booth (R)

13 Hour Art Show at Last Rites Gallery (Oct ’13) ~ Goethe Silva (L), Paul Booth (R)

Paul  truly wishes to unite friends, fans, and enthusiasts from both the Fine Art and Tattoo worlds.

From Last Rites Gallery

From Last Rites Gallery

His inspiration and aspirations can now be accessed through the free Last Rites Online Community and Forum. The Online Community will allow visitors to create their own profiles, photo and video albums, chat, and interact with the website fully, including liking/commenting on artwork and pages. The Forum will offer a wide array of subjects (also accessible from logging on to the Online Community) to ponder and discuss.  These avenues of discussion and social sharing will allow you, without the restricting guidelines of censorship, to explore, contribute and embrace the dark arts.

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