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The Bill Dumas Memorial Show @ The Lucky Dog

Bill 2

Come help us celebrate the life and memories of one of the hugest supporters/ promoters of the local music scene and an all-around terrific guy ~ BILL DUMAS! 

He was one of my best friends.  This is my show, and 7HP gets to play last.  ~ Brian Holbrook

For this special tribute, 12 Step Program is re-uniting along with 7th Rail Crew, 7 Hill Psychos, Controlled Aggression. V, Tester, Liquid Violence, and Strangler Needs a Manicure.  Not only will you be honoring Bill by attending, but you will be witnessing a line-up of incredible local bands ~ some part of New England’s current music scene and others part of its history.  There will be lots a familiar faces, great memories, and killer performances, so for Bill and for this likely never-to-be-repeated gathering of our local music legends, get your crew from the 80s and 90s together with all your music-loving friends and head to The Dog, the second home to Bill, the bands, and those of us who are just happy to be and have been part of it all.

This one's for you, Bill...

This one’s for you, Bill…

In addition to short sets by all the bands listed above…plus surprise guests…there will be raffles (including for a NULLSET/ G B B bass signed by all the performers from the evening, a fine hookah, GIT SOME MERCH bundle, White Chapel tickets, two guest spots for Rock and Shock, a guitar signed by all the members of 7th Rail Crew, and a lot more great stuff), door prizes, and dollar Jello shots, too!

There will also be ass kicking Bill Dumas Memorial Show Ts for sale!

Show starts at 8pm ~ $15 Donation @ the door, advanced tickets $12 HERE.  (Holders of these tickets should get there early to assure admittance!) 21+, positive ID required.  Note: There will be a limited number of advance tickets for this event.

As far as my personal feelings on the show…Bill was the first promoter that really took an interest in 12 Step Program.  I was in a few fledgling bands prior to that, but 12 Step was the first “serious” band I was in and Bill booked us all over MA.  He always made sure we made some money and got some drinks on the house.  Many of our fans thought that he was a gruff character, but that was Bill if he didn’t know you.  Once you were in, though…It was laughing all night about something stupid and talking with him about the ins and outs of the Worcester scene which he knew so well.  He was up front about everything and he wore everything on his sleeve.  He was always there to stick up for bands when clubs or other bands tried to short-change them.  He was definitely one of a kind.  When Brian [Holbrook, 7HP] said he was putting this show together I, within minutes, had contacted all of the former members of 12 SP to see if they would be willing to throw together a reunion in memory of Bill and they all jumped at it so I wrote to Brian asking how we could be involved.  The mixture of bands is perfect and we’re all intertwined with Bill in many ways. He was always great to us and helped us to understand how to be a working band.    It is going to be a wonderful gathering of his friends, family, and musicians who all have many stories to share with one another.  I think he would’ve enjoyed it very much. ~ Trey Holton 



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