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One Time Mountain’s Lyric Video for “So Scared” Premieres Exclusively on!


Last month, Flashwounds announced that One Time Mountain would be holding their Unburied CD release show at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA ~ and we also had the pleasure of attending the event.

One Time Mountain @ their Middle East CD Release Show

One Time Mountain immediately winning over the audience @ their Middle East CD Release Show

The band, obviously proud (and rightly so!) of the new CD and excited to share it with the crowd, gave a terrific, high-energy performance that perfectly demonstrated their talent and charisma…and left the cheering audience wanting more (just a side note ~ not only did the audience want more of OTM’s music, they also wound up wanting more of the band themselves ~ these guys are really cool (even when they’re being goofballs which, if you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see they are quite often, just never onstage) and were genuinely pleased to get to mingle with everyone after the show).

One Time albumNow, for that audience and for current and future fans of the band, we have the exclusive honor of premiering the lyric video for “So Scared,” the first single of off Unburied, already receiving extensive airplay on major stations including Rock Rage Radio. So, without further ado, we congratulate One Time Mountain on the success of the single and present to you the lyric video for “So Scared.” **


More About One Time Mountain

One Time Mountain crop

Boston-based One Time Mountain, formed by past members of Red Goodbye and Life Line, nominated as “Breakthrough Artist Of The Year” by Limelight Magazine in early 2014, and continuing to win over fans with their breakthrough album Unburied, have been likened to modern rock bands including Shinedown, Alterbridge, Creed, Soundgarden, Daughtry, and Stone Sour, and yes, OTM’s sound does fall into that modern rock band genre (and believe me, they are thrilled just to be mentioned in the same breath as those remarkable artists), but Andrew, Brian, Jeff, and Giuliano have, even at this relatively early stage in what will unquestionably be a lengthy career, a quality ~ a combination of passionate lyrics and delivery, excellent blending of vocals and instrumentation, a sound that is polished but not at the cost of losing its rock n roll edge, respective talents that come together (those of you familiar with Unburied will pick up on that little inside reference) seamlessly ~ that elevates One Time Mountain to a musical place which remains just out of the reach of true comparison.

One Time great shot live

OTM rocks Ralph’s Diner

Check out our article on the band for even more information, including the attention and accolades they are receiving worldwide, some of their earlier work, and what went into the creation of Unburied.

at Jamspot

Brian giving his best rock star look at Jamspot

Jeff and Giuliano lost in the music

Jeff and Giuliano lost in the music

Also be sure to visit the band’s official website, Like and Follow them on Facebook, and stay updated on their show schedule here  (word to the wise, if you live close to any of their upcoming gigs, get out and see the band NOW ~ because given how quickly word is spreading about Unburied and their live performances [they’re already endorsed by Spear Guitar and 247drums.comBoston], there’s a good chance OTM will be heading out on tour in the near future…and playing sold-out shows!). Your next chance to catch One Time Mountain live is on Friday, April 25 at 8:00pm @ Gemstones & Blue-Shamrock, 105 Market St, Lowell, MA.

** Oh, and we don’t mean to tease you (well, maybe a little), but stay tuned because One Time Mountain is getting ready to film the official video for “So Scared” and, once again, the exclusive premiere will be right here on Flashwounds!


Logo by Sha La La La Productions & Dark White Media

Logo by Sha La La La Productions & Dark White Media

For One Time Mountain press and booking inquiries, please contact Patty Seifert,

Special thanks to P. Seifert, MadameRockstress, One Time Mountain, Sha La La La Productions, Rock Rage RadioDark White Media, 411 Underground Radio, and Jamspot



  1. Oops,sorry for the late reply. Thanks again for the shout out and hope you enjoyed the video!!!


  2. The energy at an OTM show is at an all time high throughout there set.If you like Rock and Roll you will love OTM.Unburied does not disappoint,it is amazingly an awesome piece of work.


  4. Love this new song!! can’t wait to actually get to meet you guys and see you live :) rock on!