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Show Your Musical Creativity with the Latest StarMaker Contest!


Music can easily get lost within the many layers of production. StarMaker Interactive, a mobile music entertainment platform, encourages users to express their musical talent in a creative, personal way by releasing a fresh and unique set of content into the app with its acoustic remixes. With these remixes, StarMaker simplifies hit songs that so that users can make the tracks their own.

While these acoustic remixes are currently available exclusively to VIP subscribers, StarMaker will launch a contest on April 11th, making the songs available to all for a limited time.

What You Need to Know to Participate

You enter the contest by singing your own version of one of the remixes

You’ll be competing on the leaderboard, hosted on StarMaker’s website, for the top spot

The winner will be promoted on StarMaker’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Remixes creation process and tips:

  • Make the original track artistically different and at the same time keep the essential elements of the original version
  • Re-imagine a song in the opposite style of the original by placing it into a different genre or using a different set of instruments
  • Select songs that have been high on the music charts so StarMaker can breathe life to a song you’ve heard hundreds of times
  • The production studio mimics the basic chord progressions and incorporates the melodic themes that exist within the song
  • The final result is a song users can interact with exclusively within the StarMaker platform

Details on selected remixes that truly stood out because of the contestants’ originality:


  • Starmaker EllieEllie Goulding’s “Anything Can Happen” ~ User converted Ellie’s main vocal-synth of into a guitar riff to add familiarity to the song

  • OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” ~ User selected female vocalist in place of Ryan Tedder + chose a different key ~ also brought the low-end guitar riff to the front of the song with the acoustic guitar

  • Rhianna & Eminem’s “The Monster” ~ User added folksy guitar riff to back the rap sections while maintaining the power chord structure of the chorus


Contest Trivia:

Top 5 Acoustic Remixes

1. David Guetta ~ “Titanium”
2. OneRepublic ~ “Counting Stars”
3. Avicii ~ “Wake Me Up”
Imagine Dragons crop

  • 4. Imagine Dragons – “Radioactive”

5. Ellie Goulding ~ “Anything Could Happen”

19,367 acoustic remixes sung to date

104,971 minutes users spent singing the acoustic remixes

Starmaker acoustic remix


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