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Steel Panther All You Can Eat Release


Photo by SethM

By SethM

It’s no secret that we here at Flashwounds are huge Steel Panther fans ~ and that if you’re not, well, there may be something wrong with you…just sayin’! With their it-came-from-the-80s hair band style, sense of humor, and filthy-catchy songs about everything from Asian hookers to Tiger Woods and bukkake, they cover the gambit of all that’s inappropriate, relevant, irrelevant, and debaucherous (and we wouldn’t have it any other way).

Steel-Panther-Party-Invite[1]Although they hail from California ~ Los Angeles to be exact ~ they gave the East Coast a treat when they celebrated their All You Can Eat album release in New York City last night (April 1st) at a place only Steel Panther could call home: “The Box.”  Originally, this was planned as an intimate party where they were scheduled to play just a few acoustic songs and mingle with the crowd a bit; no surprise, “just a few” songs turned into many songs and the crowd didn’t want to just mingle, they wanted to party!

Starting things off for the Steel Panther guys was an intro from comedian and “That Metal Show” host Jim Florentine ~ and then from the second they took the stage with a tongue-in-cheek “Hello, Cleveland!” and “Show us your tits, you know you want to,” the antics were coming fast and furious. The fun began with the band poking fun at the “mismatched” couple in the front row. After moving on from her being too hot for her boyfriend and before circling back to a scenario of her blowing them backstage, they kicked the show off with “The Burden of Being Wonderful” off the new release, which they followed up with a classic, “Girl from Oklahoma.”

Photo by SethM

Photo by SethM

Panther continued through the short set with another track off of All You Can Eat, “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World,” and then went right into “Community Property,” which they proclaimed is the song that “…propelled us to where we’re at now…” ~ and was supposed to close the show.

With the curtain closing but the crowd shouting “One more song!” Panther’s Michael Starr pushed back the curtain open and, after some more banter, SP performed an unrehearsed version of “Fat Girl,” which included Starr forgetting the words and losing his balance on stage. Somehow, though, it was all good and just added to the fun because after all, this is Steel Panther we’re talking about ~ everything they do is entertaining.

Once the musical/shtick part of the night had ended, the band did come out and socialize with the invite-only crowd, having their pictures taken and happily chatting away.

For a glimpse of what this night was like, check out these (admittedly less than perfect) cell phone videos we were able to grab:

But more importantly, check out the real deal for yourself as Steel Panther are currently on tour and you can find the upcoming dates and info about VIP packages at