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FlashBack: Can You Name This Band, One of Massachusetts’ Best and Hardest from the 90s? (Part 1 of 3)

Photo by Eric Spencer

Photo by Eric Spencer

Alright, those of us from/still in the Worcester County area who were part of and still remember the local hard music scene from the 90s are going to have what we call some FlashBack fun…don’t worry, it’s not one of those stupid Facebook gambling/candy/barnyard animal (well, I actually can’t promise that there won’t be any mention of barnyard animals)/vote for my Fluffy to be named “Cutest Pussy” (damn, another disclaimer…there may indeed be some cutest pussy talk) games ~ this is more like a friendly group stroll down Memory Lane with detours down side streets like Sex Ave., Horror Rd., and Metal Drive. So if you will, let your mind drift back to the good ol’ days of Massachusetts metal…

Are you there?  Good.  Now take a look at the picture above, shot by Eric Spencer (and cropped the tiniest bit until we get further into the full interview with these guys).

First question: do you recognize the band?  True fans will be able to with no problem…for those who need a hint, the band’s name is the same as the title of a 1986 Clive Barker film.  The initials are “RR.”

That’s enough time…the band is none other than the hard-n-heavy, bring-the-authentic-metal, play ‘til you bleed (and relish every bloody second) Rawhead Rex.

Talk about a piece of local music history ~ look at that line-up!  Clip courtesy of Robert Cantara

Talk about a piece of local music history ~ look at that line-up! Clip courtesy of Robert Cantara

Second questionnow that you know the band, can you name the four members (no, don’t name the members’ members, name the members)?  Hint: picture them without the long hair/facial hair/quasi-Soundgarden look.

From left to right, you’re looking at Craig Lindberg, Paul J. Kane, Eric Jernstrom, and Tom Nickerson.

So there’s your intro to the Q & A interview I’m about to do with the guys (and you’ll get their answers verbatim ~ no censoring) for an article that will appear on and on … with a little luck/bribery/inappropriate behavior, maybe I’ll be able to get some straight answers about rumors that Rawhead Rex has simply been biding its time somewhere in the corner of the underworld and is now considering re-emerging onto earthly stages.

Once you’ve read the interview, any questions you post HERE I’ll bring to the guys and they’ll graciously answer them for a second article.  And if anyone out there has some “lost” pix of the band from back in the day, contact the editor with a subject line of “RR Pix”!

OK, wish me luck…I’m about to enter the world of [the once and future?] Rawhead Rex (and I admit, I’m more than a little turned on ~ Ha, wouldn’t it be funny if I were a dude! ~ by the suspicion that even if these guys seem to have mellowed over the years, the same menacing, passionate, primal quality that defined the band ~ along with its…alleged...legion of female groupies ~ still runs deep in each and every one of them and can be coaxed to the surface pretty easily).

Stay tuned…and, to quote a certain drummer, “As you were.”

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  1. What fun times those were …