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Don Jamieson’s “Hell Bent For Laughter”


For those of you who are faithful followers and friends of Flashwounds (there’s a mouthful!), you already know that music ~ advancing tours, attending, reviewing, and photographing shows, festivals, and industry events, reviewing albums, interviewing artists, popping backstage from time to time ~ is our first love…but we also think it’s cool that the music industry reaches much further than just music and includes a host of music/artist-related projects, products, and places. 

Hot sauceTake, for example, Sammy Hagar’s Beach Bar Rum, Michael Anthony’s hot sauce, perfume lines from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga, Paul Stanley’s autobiography, Jesse James Dupree’s TV show “Full Throttle Saloon,” Lzzy Hale’s Happy Scissors, Eddie Van Halen’s shoe line, Bret Michaels’ pet accessories…and the list goes on and on…bars, books, bling, booze, bikinis, somewhere there’s a big name artist involved in one or more side projects.  The purists among you might think that musicians should stick solely to music, but hey, rock stars and industry celebs should get to have varied interests, so either way, whether you laugh at their cross-over attempts or order yourself a dozen cases of hot sauce, we’re going to let you know about them. 

Why, you ask?  Because we dig some of this stuff and want to share it with you (particularly something as good as “Hell Bent For Laughter,” which just might cause you to soil yourself)…and sometimes, it’s simply because we like to rant and rave about shit that piques our interest.

Jame cropNow in this case, we’re not going to talk about a fragrance or a pair of flip flops or a pretty dog collar ~ we’re going to talk about a person…one damn funny metal music-lovin’ MoFo named Don Jamieson, an irreverent legend in his own time (or mind…or both…but he’s the kind of cool guy who might be happy with either).  If you’re serious about your metal and hard rock and haven’t been either living in a cave or kept in solitary confinement, then you know Don as 33 1/3 of the hosts of VH-1’s “That Metal Show” ~ but what you might not know is that he just released his latest comedy CD, “Hell Bent For Laughter,” on Metal Blade Records.

Now, I’m not sure how many people still buy comedy CDs these days, but if you do or are willing to start, do not pass go, do not collect $200, just buy “Hell Bent For Laughter” and thank me later…upon release (which was YESTERDAY), it was already on the iTunes Top 15 and moving up fast.  Listen to it and you’ll know why ~ three words: “fuckin’ hilarious shit.”

Don at Uncle Vinnie's, photo courtesy of ~ and yes, those are the [in]famous sideburns...

Don at Uncle Vinnie’s, photo courtesy of ~ and yes, those are the [in]famous sideburns…

The CD kicks off with an intro from “That Metal Show”’s other funny man, Jim Florentine, and touches on, thank goodness, a bunch of totally inappropriate topics like “The Howard Stern Show”’s Richard diaper wearing concert outings, “Things you’ll never hear anyone say,” his own questionable sideburns, and “Bad Dates.” You’ll hear about metal bands you love ~ from KISS to Ozzy to Guns N Roses ~ and since Don’s been listening to their music for years and these days knows the bands personally, he’s able to pull off  some humor that other comics can’t.  And of course, let’s not overlook the fact that he also provides some great insight on a topic near and dear to our, uh, hearts: masturbation.

If this CD doesn’t make you piss your pants or come damn close, well, A) you have no sense of humor and should look into having that fixed, and B) we officially revoke your title of metal fan.

Obviously, I’m not going to reveal all the details of “Hell Bent For Laughter,” but let’s just say that when someone’s harnessed the metal, comedy, and mayhem that live inside Don’s brain and put them on CD, they’ve done us all a major solid.

So if you’re ready to laugh your ass off, get it over to Amazon  or iTunes NOW and order “Hell Bent For Laughter.”

Don’s a non-stop touring machine, too, so check out his upcoming live show dates here.

And we’d like to think that it goes without saying, but in case you need a reminder, you can (and should) catch Don, Jim Florentine, and Eddie Trunk on VH1’s “That Metal Show” when it airs each week.  If you need to catch up on episodes/see your favorites again, or if (you poor thing) you’re still a “TMS” virgin, then you catch watch full episodes here.

And don’t forget to keep checking back at Flashwounds for more great coverage of music and all things music related (well, the ones that we feel like talking about, anyway). Like and Share us on Facebook as well…and who knows, maybe one day we’ll come out with our own Flashwounds signature products…suggestions welcome, we aim to please!

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