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Do You Have Enough Attitude to Wear Badcock?

Badcock 4

If you don’t own at least a couple of Badcock Apparel items ~ helmet, panties (designed to be worn for minutes at most), the super cool faded T, a patriotic micro-mini, even just a hoodie or belt or two, then I’d be careful bragging that you’re a true down-for-a-good-time, independent, ready-to-raise-hell kind of guy or chick.

Steel Panther...could there be a better Badcock band?

Steel Panther…could there be a better Badcock band?

I had already dug the Badcock product for years ~ high quality and with an authentic, in-your-face, let’s party rock n roll attitude ~ but then I met founders Seth & Lacy and became even more of a Badcock fan; they’re great people and it’s no wonder that they have a devoted following of some bad mofo celebs including Steel Panther (left), Halestorm, Heaven’s Basement, Jenna Jameson, Cheap Trick, and the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” who wear Badcock shirts in almost every episode.  Check out pix of more famous Badcock groupies at The Ranch.

So what was the inspiration for the Badcock attitude?  It seems like it may have been James Brown himself when he proclaimed in 1970, “I’ve got soul, I’m super bad!”

Badcock 2Explains the mysterious Badcock Jones, “Badcock Apparel is not for the weak of mind or spirit. It’s for American men and women who know who they are, what they want and where to find a good time. It’s for the wild children of this great land ~ the ones who question everything and compromise nothing.”

We salute you, Badcock Apparel, for honoring the American outlaws ~ the bad asses and the dangerous women (is there a better kind?) they fight over.  When you say, “It’s your right to wear what you want, say what you want, be who you want. Uniformity? Go screw yourself. For the rebel spirit that is in each of us, we offer BADCOCK APPAREL,” we are with you, raising a rebellious fist.

Badcock’s method of designing is an “F U” to the world of fashion, too, and we couldn’t be happier.  Push all the posers and uptight pretty people aside ~ a Badcock Tshirt is high concept humor, a naughty nudge, produced in the lowbrow tradition of outsider art…no pretense allowed.

Badcock 1Explains Mr. Jones, “We use readily made materials for our gear ~ clothes, accessories, tags, promo materials, and print processes ~ so we can keep the ideas flowing.  We don’t produce in seasons ~ if we have a great idea, we put it out immediately, sometimes the same day.  The message trumps the medium. You’ll never wait 10 years for your Badcock shirt to age into vintage condition, we design it to happen in less than a year.  Beauty fades with age, and so does a Badcock t-shirt. If you can still see the design, you’re not wearing it enough.”

thumbnailCan we get a “Fuck, yeah!” to that??

If you’re Badcock material, you know it…you get the vibe, you get the humor, you get the big picture. So when it’s time to grab some cool pieces, wearable proof that you’re different, damn proud of it, and not shy about turning heads, either click on the Badcock ad rotating on our Flashwounds pages or head to one of these two sites: /