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KXM ~ A Legit Supergroup That WILL Rock You


By Seth M

Let’s get to the important time-sensitive information first: the clock is ticking and you have just a few more days to pre-order the KXM album from Amazon  OR pre-order it on iTunes and get an instant download of the single “Rescue Me,” so make that one of today’s priorities.

Why a priority? Because yes, the trio known as KXM is yet another supergroup, but it’s one that stands out from the pack and will likely win you over pretty quickly. Remember that band King’s X, with their great bass lines and cool-sounding singer? Ever hear of an 80s band called Dokken that featured some of the greatest guitar solos of the hair band genre? What about this quiet little band named KoЯn who sold something like 35 million albums?

Well, if you’ve heard of these bands and are a fan of any/all of these bands ~ or if you just like damn good music ~ then KXM and their self-titled debut album are for you. The band features dUg Pinnick (King’s X) on bass and vocals, George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob) on guitar, and KoЯn’s Ray Luzier on drums ~ so take the K from KoЯn, the X from King’s X, and the M from Lynch Mob, and there you go.

Photo by Sébastien Paquet

Photo by Sébastien Paquet

KXM’s debut hits stores on March 11th and I was lucky enough to be able to give it a couple of listens two weeks early. As a fan of King’s X from way back, I can assure you that if you dig that band too, you’ll be happy to hear their sound coming through on the album; dUg’s voice is still unique and easily recognizable. Listening to tracks like “Gun Fight” and “Love,” you wouldn’t be surprised if KXM had pulled them right from a King’s album. Each song is uniquely rounded out with the mastery of Lynch’s guitar leads and the familiar sounds of Ray’s love of his ride and crash cymbals; KoЯn fans know and clamor for this unmistakable and impressive sound.

It’s hard not to go on and on about these musicians and what each brings to the table in this new formation ~ you can easily recognize each one’s individual influence on the album as well as the styles  they’ve brought from their respective other bands. However, with each member’s contribution compiled into songs like “Burn,” “Human Friction,” and the single “Rescue Me,” you can hear how their producer Chris Collier took each of those influences and, while maintaining their integrity, blended them into something fresh, original, and absolutely worth adding to your music collection.

CD_KXMThe track listing for KXM is:

Rescue Me
Gun Fight
Never Stop
Faith Is A Room
I’ll Be Ok
Do It Now
Human Friction
Tranquilize (Bonus Track)
Rescue Me (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)

The entire KXM debut is really good and I need to give it some more listens to fully appreciate all it has to offer. However, as of right now, my favorites off the album are “Faith Is A Room” and “Do it Now” ~ but I love a good instrumental, too, so “Tranquilize” is also a standout for me; when the musicians are of this caliber, sometimes you just want to hear them jam.

Now scroll back up to the top of this article, click on one of those links or go to Rat Pak Records  and pre-order KXM.

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