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I Am The Albatross Combines American Folk Mysticism with Savage Psychedelic Noise on New EP Due out March 4

I Am The Albatross (L-R): Jesse Berkowitz, Giuseppe Ponti and Marc Henry ~ Photo by Danny Borja

I Am The Albatross (L-R): Jesse Berkowitz, Giuseppe Ponti and Marc Henry ~ Photo by Danny Borja

“It’s whiskey in the morning, gin and tonic at noon. Pulling down the blinds in a motel room…”

“Strugglin’” is the first single from the debut EP by the trio of Austin-based musical veterans that collectively form I Am The Albatross. The song begins as a stumbling, lost soul’s barroom lament before exploding into a blistering barn-burner, with a protagonist who dejectedly sneers at the hopelessness of the apocalyptic times he has found himself in. “Strugglin’” propels itself forward on a high-speed, borderline polka, gypsy groove and eventually bursts into full on punk-rock fury. Check out the new single courtesy of The Obelisk:




“The song is an exaggerated expression of the feelings of imprisonment and tension that we all experience in times of financial and emotional insecurity. Everyone at some point in their life may find themselves trapped in a dark, windowless room (figuratively, hopefully), just searching for a crack in the wall where a tiny bit of light might be shining through,” explains band leader Jesse Berkowitz.

I Am The Albatross combines the backwoods mysticism of old-time American folk songs with the savage spirit of rock, punk and psychedelic noise. The band’s brand of storytelling takes listeners through smoky terrain where tranquil rivers bleed out onto the shores of scorching deserts.  It’s a stirring concoction of music that defines an alternate America with a strange dream landscape, forever out of place.

“I was born in a very small town in Virginia and literally grew up in the woods and spent my teenage years in an equally small town in New Mexico,” says Berkowitz.  “The Appalachian landscape and dialects, and the vast deserts of the Southwest and Western American culture, are equally important and influential in my songwriting. I have a great affinity for the types of characters that come from those places.”  

I Am The Albatross Live

02/19 Austin, TX Red 7

02/28 Houston, TX @ Mangos

03/01 San Antonio, TX @ 502 Bar

03/02 Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room

04/26 San Marcos, TX @ MR Fest

I Am The Albatross
Track Listing:

1. Kingsnake

2. Strugglin’ (STREAM | DOWNLOAD | MP3)

3. Nashville

4. Black Crow

5. Main Line