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That Big Wheel of Frightwig Keeps on Turnin’!


Frightwig Gets MEOWCON Purring… Releases Their New EP Hit Return via Motherwig Records

Fresh from their triumphant appearance at the MEOWCON in Austin, Texas in October 2013, here is part of their review by writer and author Evelyn McDonnell:

“The Runaways sang about being the Queens of Noise, but Frightwig truly were. Their glorious outrage blew open doors through which the Lunachicks, Babes in Toyland, Hole, L7 and Riot Grrrls came streaming/screaming.Then they disbanded, had kids, and became costume designers and Mudwimin. And now they’re back. The four women of Frightwig (plus ace keyboardist Eric Drew Feldman, of PJ Harvey and Captain Beefheart fame) are all well into the second acts of their lives, but matronly they are not…”

Fright 2Read the full review here.

Bay Area punk rock goddesses Frightwig have released Hit Return, a 5-song EP available in both CD and mp3 formats on their own Motherwig Records, offering fresh perspective on Frightwig classics, along with the brand new video track, ‘Crawford’. Produced by Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart, PJ Harvey), Frightwig’s newest (and only male) member, Hit Return sees crazier, fatter, fuzzy and psychedelic-brushed re-recordings of ‘My Crotch Does Not Say Go’, ‘A Man’s Gotta Do What A Man’s Gotta Do’, ‘Big Bang’ and ‘Crazy World’ with its heat-baked, laconic western drawl-take on one of Frightwig’s best-loved songs, rounding out just how fresh and re-born these uptakes are. ‘Crawford’ tells the tale of a tragic old school punk rock moment which had previously been ‘too depressing’ for consideration, but now, the time is right and with Feldman adding some dynamic keyboard fractals, ‘Crawford’ slips easily into the ‘Wig canon of classics.

Hit Return EP Review by David Ensminger ~ PunkWomen.wordpress:

“Before the artfully acerbic shock rock antics of Riot Grrrl and the rock’n’roll gender subversion of L7 and Tribe 8 came the behemoth noisemakers FRIGHTWIG, whose sludge-meets-acid punk wall of sound that marries the world of Chrome, Flipper, and Bomb with bash’n’pummel feminism, whacky street theatre, and tuneful chaos. This EP showcases both then and now, like the veteran shredded disco onslaught ‘A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do’, which was right at home with their former tour mates DOA’s version of ‘War’ and ‘The Midnight Special’. The gals load it with bombastic horns, bump and grind bass, psychedelic-discharged guitars, skittering hi-hat dance floor drums, and skewering wordplay…


Read the full review here.


The new EP Hit Return can be found at


Also can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby right now!


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Frightwig are:

Deanna Mitchell – bass/vocals

Mia D’Bruzzi – guitar/vocals

Rebecca Sevrin – guitar/vocals

Cecilia Kuhn – drums/vocals/accordion

Eric Drew Feldman – keyboards • email:


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