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Stone Films NYC Director Drew Stone Announces Launch of Kickstarter Campaign & Trailer to Fund Michael Alago Documentary Film

L-R: Michael Alago, Drew Stone ~ Photo courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

L-R: Michael Alago, Drew Stone ~ Photo courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

Documentary filmmaker will direct biopic of legendary music executive responsible for signing Metallica, White Zombie and others ~ Trailer features ex-Metallica member Jason Newsted, ex-White Zombie member Sean Yseult, and ex-Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo, to name just a few notable personalities.

For Amy3Today, Director Drew Stone and Executive Producer Jonathan Anastas announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of their Michael Alago biopic.

The film will tell a uniquely American story of Alago’s journey from humble roots in Brooklyn into the netherworld of downtown New York’s music and arts scene of the 1970s and 1980s. 

Alago rose from running the Dead Boy’s fan club to live booker at the legendary Ritz nightclub and then onto a storied A&R career at Elektra Records, Geffen Records and Palm Pictures, where he signed and executive produced acts as diverse as Metallica, White Zombie, Flotsam and Jetsam, PiL, Cyndi Lauper and Nina Simone. 

The story covers the crazy glory days of the music business as well as how Michael survived the late ’90s industry downturn and re-invented himself successfully as a visual artist, poet and published photographer. 

Viewers will also journey through the nightclubs, underground haunts and uptown parties of a long-changed New York art scene in its creative and decadent heyday. 

Stone’s film will also tackle how Alago succeeded professionally as a gay man in a metal music subculture known for its perceived homophobia and how sobriety re-focused Michael’s creative vision and drove his successful re-invention as an artist himself. 
Said Director Drew Stone, “Michael’s inspiring and cautionary tale features many of the elements that I love as a filmmaker. It’s got gritty old New York, an alternative lifestyle and a hard rock soundtrack. He’s a well-loved figure who has a unique and incredible life story that I’m really looking forward to committing to film.” 

Michael Alago ~ Photo courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

Michael Alago ~ Photo courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

Added Executive Producer Jonathan Anastas, “I first met Michael in the 1980s when my band showcased for Elektra records. He reappeared in my life 20 years later. I realized that Michael’s story – about a time when self-invention, a life of burning the candle at both ends and an authentic passion defined the creative community in New York, their successes and their tragedies – is an important one that needed to be told.”
Incentives for supporters of the film via the Kickstarter campaign include copies of the movie as well as an incredible collection of special ephemera and fine art associated with Alago’s broad creative career including signed copies of his collectable books, special editions of prints from Rough Gods and Beautiful Imperfections as well as items related to the artists Michael worked with over the years.

View the trailer and Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Here’s more about…

Michael Alago

Renowned in the music industry since signing Metallica to Elektra Records in 1984, Michael Alago has worn a variety of hats over the past three decades: talent scout, producer, photographer and writer. In addition to working with iconic artists such as Nina Simone, Johnny Rotten and Rob Zombie – as an independent consultant ~ Alago most recently teamed up with old friend Cyndi Lauper on her Grammy-nominated album, Memphis Blues, on which he served as A&R executive. Michael published his first book, Rough Gods, a collection of stark, erotically charged portraits, in 2005. These photographs were exhibited worldwide.  Alago‘s second, and highly acclaimed book, Brutal Truth, was released in 2011 by Bruno Gmünder. It was an instant hit and now a collector‘s item. Sensuality reigns in his latest book, Beautiful Imperfections, where street art, tattooed Romeos, flowers and muscle men are seduced and celebrated by Alago‘s ever-watchful eye.

Drew Stone

Drew Stone is an American film director, producer, editor and musician. His works include music videos, commercials, documentary films and television. He founded the New York City-based film production company Stone Films NYC and played an active role in the early stages of the American hardcore punk movement. Stone directed and edited the documentary xxx ALL AGES xxx, The Boston Hardcore Film, which debuted at the International Film Festival Boston in 2012 and was released on DVD in June of that year. Stone has also been the frontman for New York City’s Antidote since 1984 and was the co-founder and lead singer of hardcore bands The Mighty C.O.’s and The High & The Mighty.

Jonathan Anastas

Jonathan Anastas has spent the last 20 years as a marketing and advertising executive, focused primarily on leading world-class brands through the Digital and Social revolutions. His experience spans the categories of Entertainment, Automotive, Financial Services, Telecom and ecommerce. Jonathan’s accomplishments have been featured in the top advertising trade publications, he’s spoken at dozens of conferences and – this year – was part of the team that won a Grand Effie.  Prior to his marketing career, Anastas co-founded the hardcore bands DYS and Slapshot, who played stages across the US and Europe. His musical contributions have been featured in the book and film versions of American Hardcore as well as xxx All Ages xxx.