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Gemini Syndrome ~ Calling All Synners!

By Seth M

GS album

Are you ready to be a Synner?? Ready for another hard rocking, heavy melodic band? It’s not like me to send you to a band’s website at the start of an article, but there’s a first for everything ~ so before reading any further, head over to the GS site, check out the video for “Pleasure and Pain,” sign up to be a Synner,  and get a free download for doing so.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the band itself, Gemini Syndrome. A little over a month ago, a friend sat in my living room and played me one of the songs from their four track EP. As I’ve mentioned in the past, most  bands with screaming vocalists don’t appeal to me ~ but Gemini Syndrome was different.  He played me all four songs and I thought they sounded pretty good.  Then, my friend sent them to me and once I gave them another listen, I was hooked ~ and since I enjoy sharing great music with people, that’s just what I’m going to do.

Alessandro Paveri ~ photo courtesy of

Alessandro Paveri ~ photo courtesy of

After doing a little research, I found that Gemini Syndrome is made up of Aaron Nordstrom (vocals), Rick Juzwick (guitar), Mike Salerno (guitar), Alessandro Paveri (bass), and Brian Steele Medina (drums). What makes this band different is that they are a true blend of sounds: sounds reminiscent of Sevendust, Stone Sour, Disturbed (GS is coincidentally currently on tour with Dave Draiman’s Device), and Tool all colliding, but with a result that’s anything but derivative or just noise… it’s great, hard music.

I’ve listened to the four songs  ~ ”Pleasure and Pain,” “Left of Me,” “Basement,” and “Resurrection” ~ about a half dozen times and each time I’ve heard something a little different, discovered some nuance I hadn’t noticed before. The songs typically start off with an Aaron Nordstorm scream or a ripping guitar riff, but then head off in their individual, unique directions.

For me , Gemini Syndrome stands out because none of their songs sound the same which, aside from being a rarity, is also a huge plus. “Left of Me” is their straight forward hard rock song with some repetitive lyrics. “Basement” features an acoustic guitar breakdown that has the Tool-influenced sound until it kicks back into the heavy guitar riffs. “Resurrection” is a back and forth  between Aaron’s melodic vocals and his screaming vocals.

By now, you’ve surely clicked on the website and have seen the artsy video for “Pleasure and Pain” ~ further evidence of the Tool influence.

I’m looking forward to experiencing Gemini Syndrome in person at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH on May 18th ~ but if you’re not going to make that show, try to catch them on the road right now with David Draiman’s Device.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Check out all of GS’s Tour dates here.

Download their songs on Itunes or Amazon and keep an eye out for Gemini Syndrome who are now signed to Warner Brothers Records and should have some new material out soon..

You were probably a sinner beforehand…but my guess is that it won’t be long before you’re a full-fledged Synner…

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  1. Was lucky enough to see them at Charleston Rockfest…and fell in love..Their music resonated with me and WOW, just love them and need more. Met them after their set and they are completely open and friendly to the fans. Loved every minute spent with them and their crew.