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Capture Jet Black Sunrise’s New EP

By Jane Croft

Album art by Leah Miriam

Album art by Leah Miriam

Boston-based band Jet Black Sunrise is once again making waves with their new EP, Capture.  It took them about one year to write, develop and produce the project, and they’ve brought the thunder with this baby.  With five excellent songs for their time-tested fans and new admirers alike to wrap their arms around, the punk rock/indie band is truly showing us its best with this EP.

Jet Black Sunrise solidified its current line-up in 2010 with Matt Cronin on vocals and keys, Nick Fede on vocals and guitar, Jay Schneider on vocals/bass, Matt Smith on guitar/vocals, and JC Zwisler handling drums and vocals.  Flashwounds caught up with Schneider to get his take on Capture.

“The songs are all completely different from each other ~ they all have their own characters,” he says.  “One is a broken-down folk song, with five-part harmony.  Another song called ‘Skyscrapers’ is like an electronic rock one; an explosion-in-the sky kinda song.”

Listen to the grooves HERE.

Although Schneider says he’s unable to choose a personal favorite off of the EP, he’s extremely proud of the first two tracks.  “Can’t Wait to Start” is, in his opinion, a great representation of the band while the second track, “321,” sticks out in his mind as the song that transformed the most throughout the creative process.

“With ‘321,’ I’m really proud of the journey that we took with it,” Schneider says.  “From the time we started with it until the time we produced it in the studio, it went through so many changes.” 

The entire Jet Black Sunrise consists of five technically talented musicians and three writers.  With any other band, that amount of talent could be overwhelming.  Schneider explains that one writer favors 90s rock, another loves himself some Cold Play, and the entire band jams on Death Cab for Cutie.  They’re pulling influence from a lot of different places, but these guys love each other and create with patience and respect.

Capture CD release party at Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

Capture CD release party at Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub

“When one of us has a song that we like, we’ll record a demo, let the band hear it, then we’ll throw out suggestions like what kind of drums we should add to it, how many guitars… it comes organically,” Schneider shares.  “We build out around the core and you get five different voices through one song.”

The band has shared the stage with big names including the Deftones, Bassnectar, and Wale and Reptar.  They’ve been featured in the Boston Phoenix and have received radio play on 92.5 The River and the NECN Morning Show.  And because they typically try to build their own bills, they have a lot of love for local acts like The Dotted Eyes, The New Complainers and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper.

According to Schneider, now that Capture is out, the boys will be turning their attention to planning their upcoming July tour. They intend to hit locations in New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire to see how the crowds dig their sounds.

“We’ve put a great deal of time and effort into the EP,” Schneider says.  “This release is going to be the one we gain traction with ~ tour it, get radio air play, work it for about a year and make it big.  These songs on Capture are exactly how we want the band to sound and now is the time to make sure it works.”




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