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Wornstar Rock & Roll Clothing Company Steps Into MMA Arena with The “Wornstar Immortals” MMA Line


Wornstar Clothing’s CEO and chief-designer Stephen Jensen is proud to unleash the new Wornstar Immortals line on the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) culture… and on the world.

Says Jensen, “I’m a big fan of MMA and had a huge opportunity to start pushing the Wornstar line into the MMA realm locally, here in Chicago. I wanted to add to our rock & roll styles and start doing designs that are geared more to the MMA ‘feel’ that MMA fans like myself are wearing. So, we created new designs based on this sport and launched Wornstar Immortals. This is Wornstar’s official MMA branch. We wanted to get some fighters on board to try out the new line and recently, Bellator MMA Featherweight Champion of the World Pat Curran approached us and told us how much he loved the look and feel of our brand and how much he wanted to represent our line. Wornstar got behind Pat Curran and made him our first spokesperson for the Wornstar Immortals line. I’m excited to announce that Pat Curran will be wearing and debuting Wornstar Immortals clothing on April 4th when defends his belt against Shahbulat Shamhalaev live on Spike TV!”

 Be sure to check out the official Wornstar Immortals line and the entire Wornstar line on the official website.

courtesy wornstar com

For more info on the Bellator MMA match-up of Curran vs Shamhalaev, go HERE.

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