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First World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts To Be Held at Foxwoods MGM Grand

By Flashwounds Staff

WCMMAThe World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts (WCMMA™) is pleased to announce that Foxwoods Resort and Casino’s MGM Grand will be hosting the first ever World Cup competition in Mixed Martial Arts on Saturday, September 15; WCMMA™ Team Portugal will be challenging WCMMA™ Team USA. These two teams will be facing each other in an International Battle Challenge where nations from around the world face one another in efforts to acquire enough points to earn them an invitation to the WCMMA™ World Cup Championships in 2017 in Rome, Italy. Foxwoods is the first step in the “WCMMA’s Road to Rome 2017™.”

“I’ve seen many mixed martial art events, but when it comes to Nation vs Nation competition, that truly transcends anything we have seen, especially when it’s for Mixed Martial Arts’ very own World Cup. The stakes don’t get any higher,” said Dan Severn, former MMA Super Fight World Champion and Professional Wrestling Champion.

Don Wilson, former seven time Kickboxing World Champion and action film star, added, “The WCMMA™ is the next level in Mixed Martial Arts. Now we’re going to begin to see which countries are producing the best MMA Athletes overall.”

Also that same evening, the WCMMA’s™ Heavyweight World Title will be on the line as Russian National Sambo Champion Alexey Oleinik faces two time FILA Grappling World Champion Kelly Anundson of the United States.

The undercard of these two featured events will showcase up and coming MMA athletes who are vying for an opportunity to challenge for a spot on WCMMA™ Team USA. The undercard will begin at 7:00pm (EST), Portugal v USA promptly at 8:30pm (EST), and the Super Heavy Weight World Title is scheduled for 10:00pm. For tickets, please visit or call 800-200-2882.


About World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts

The WCMMA™ is an international, team-orientated mixed martial arts organization that produces nation vs nation mixed martial art competition, along with individual title matches. Every four years the WCMMA™ holds MMA’s very own World Cup Championships, the highest honor in team sports. An invitation to this prestigious event is extended to national teams who are successful in qualifying for the honor by accumulating enough points in international World Cup competition over a four year cycle as they face other national teams.

In addition to producing events, the WCMMA™ sets itself apart from many other organization. The WCMMA™ also sanctions events and helps assist qualified independent promoters in their efforts to grow the sport. The WCMMA™ also offers exclusive WCMMA™ franchises to respective nations competing within the circuit and assists them with building their respective franchise through licensing, television, merchandising, and talent acquisition.

The WCMMA™ is headquartered in Rome, Italy, with offices in Boca Raton, Florida, and Bronx, New York.


The World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts (WCMMA ) announced on 7/7/2012 that Foxwoods Resort and Casino’s MGM Grand will be hosting the highly decorated Russian Sambo Champion Alexey Oleinik in his first individual fight for a WCMMA Heavyweight World Title. Alexey will be fighting Kelly Anundson, 2x FILA Grappling World Champion in a match that pits Russian Combat Sambo against the American’s intense Grappling skills.

As one of the most celebrated Combat Sambo Champions, Alexey “The Boa Constrictor” Oleinik is an International Master of Sports in Combat Sambo and holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. He has earned the nick-name “The Boa Constrictor” from his incredible percentage of wins via submission (83%). Oleinik also trains out of the legendary RED DEVIL Camp, considered to be the very best MMA training center in all of Russia; it has produced other great champions such as Fedor Emelianenko.